33 thoughts on “Gifting this Wonderful World with Everyday Life! – Chapter 4

  1. Thanks for your effort and time put to give us this chapter 🙂

    Regarding the news of your next release, i must admit.. i first came to you blog exclusively to read konosuba, but somehow i’m way more excited about akashic records LN *-* . Putting in short words, it became my favorite book already ^^’ Hahahaha.

    Welp, thanks alot for your work , love to see konosuba in any type of media hahaha. Cheers

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    1. Asking for a spoiler? Come on bruh. I will admit I’ve heard rumors about his personality, though, as well as who exactly he is. Rumors backed by evidence of course based on the various other “unique” monsters of Konosuba…. *Cough*

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