Everyday Life in this Wonderful World! – Chapter 5

Merry Christmas!

Small update, but Cannongerbil will be taking over the Konosuba light novels for a while to come. At the very least it’ll be until I catch up on Akashic, which is about 2 or more volumes behind schedule, if we go at 1 chapter per 2 weeks. His translation style is different, but it’s good as it stands, so don’t worry about quality! He’ll be releasing weekly and he has a bunch of chapters stored as well! 

Anyway, here is the chapter! I started on this on Christmas Eve, so it hasn’t been edited yet. (=w=”) Any fixes will come later…

Also, special thanks to Kato again for working on the chapter so close to Christmas (owo)/

Translation: yuNS
Typeset: yuNS
Redraw: Katomon



9 thoughts on “Everyday Life in this Wonderful World! – Chapter 5

  1. Thank you for the wonderful chapter yuNS and Katomon. Was this an Xmas story? It ended with a moral message and a feel-good vibe.
    Anyway, I also want to thank you for sharing the information regarding your friend and the Konosuba translation project. I will looking forward to read your Akashic’s translations as well. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing great!


    1. It’s actually… Real. It’s a way to pray for the lives you’ll “take” to survive and the effort those who prepared it invested. And you should no forget the gochisousama after eating too!


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