Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver – Little Lady, Act 1.

Hello World!

A while back, Akashic Records’ chapters were 2 chapters ahead of editing (now 0), and with Konosuba gone, I decided to start a new side project, Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver.

Volume 1 Cover

The chapters for this series are on the shorter side, but the language used and the translation complexity are much higher (in my opinion) compared to Konosuba and Akashic. As some of you might know, this entire site and my translation as a hobby is just a way for myself to improve my Japanese, so I believe this will serve as better practice for myself.

Note that this series may be confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the Fate Universe. I’ll try to add a FAQ for the series later when I have time. 

Also note that this series will only be worked on when the translation of Akashic is ahead of editing, so don’t expect too many releases for this (lol). 

Finally, special thanks to Frozen-senpai for helping with the cleanup of the cover! 

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29 thoughts on “Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver – Little Lady, Act 1.

  1. so is this site no longer going to translate KonoSuba? if so.. i’m gonna stop browsing this site then, such a shame

  2. I just finished the Fate/Stay Night VN just a few days ago. Kind of cool to see this now.

    Also I haven’t been checking this site as much since Konosuba is gone and I also just use novelupdates primarily. But I still like heading here and prefer to read off here when I get the chance.

    Fate will be pretty cool to read. There are a billion spin offs, and I know Zero is pretty good, but I’m not sure about a lot of the others.

  3. @yuNS could you take a look at this statement I found on animesuki:

    Hey guys, finally got volume 12 in Japanese, so I can now say it clearly, the translation was a little wrong. (didn’t want to say it without seeing the Japanese).

    Here are the lines (Translated in English, too lazy to copy them in Japanese):
    “Even though it’s an other world and I could just go for polygamy.
    Even though I could just not choose anyone and everything would conveniently turn out fine.”

    So yeah, Kazuma isn’t that dumb.

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