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TL;DR: For Releases
– Konosuba has been sort-of dropped. I’ll translate the short stories eventually.
– Akashic will aim to release on a monthly cycle (the 1st of each month specifically).
– Fate/Prototype is being translated during Akashic editing cycles. Do not expect frequent releases.

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I have been getting some questions regarding updates recently so I thought it would be best to post here:

Regarding releases:
– Konosuba: Has been passed on to various others. A lot of people are popping up and translating the series, probably due to my slow releases. It’s not really worth the effort to compete, and I’ve heard that there are multiple versions of some chapters of volume 13 out on the web. I’ll translate the short stories I have on hand eventually.
– Akashic Records: Will aim to complete a chapter on a monthly cycle, as usual however, don’t expect too much. In terms of how much I learn from translation, Akashic hits the spot, so I won’t be dropping this unless DMCAs or the like occur.
– Fate/Prototype: Many people seemed to have missed the note regarding releases for this series that I included in the beginning of the first chapter. The series will be translated between Akashic Records releases (when a chapter is in editing). Therefore, do not expect frequent releases for this series. There does already exist a translation of the first few volumes on BeastLair’s forums, but it’s riddled with errors which is why I decided to pick it up in spite of that. On another note, this series gives me the most trouble between it cryptic language and unique terminology, so it tends to take me a while to work through.

Other Info:
– I’ve recently bought and started reading Assassin’s Pride by Kei Amagi. The premise seems interesting but I haven’t gotten very far.
– I’ve also started reading I shaved. Then I picked up a High-School Girl by Shimesaba. The title I’ve provided is super-misleading due to lazy translation, but it’s interesting enough that if I ever have time I would consider translating it.

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  1. You need to adapt some web novel man. I’m guessing it will be a lot more easier cause you don’t have to deal with the illustration.

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