Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver. Little Lady – Act 2

I’ve gotten a few questions as to why I’ve picked up this series even though someone at BeastLair’s forums has picked this up a while back.

Firstly, the mistakes on their translations aside, the translator there did state their own inexperience and welcomed others to pick it up, and secondly, this series is incredibly hard to translate compared to any other series I’ve read, which serves to help me learn a bit better.

Personally, translating this is quite a struggle overall. The language is a little… archaic? Well, ‘oddly phrased’ overall. I really do enjoy the challenge but time per word is about 3 times slower than Akashic and possibly around 10 times slower compared to Konosuba.

That’s enough ranting anyway. Enjoy the chapter.

Link to chapter here

P.S. I’ve noted this several times, but that I translate Fate/Prototype whenever I’m a chapter ahead of Akashic Records’ editing. So releases are going pretty pretty slow, generally speaking.



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