Yuuki & xyi, my discord is broken for some reason…

Not sure if it’s a port issue or something like that. I have connection to the internet but I can’t use discord for whatever reason, so I basically have no real way of contacting you two. Anyway, the next Shaved chapter is ready for editing Yuuki and xyi! ouo.

27 thoughts on “Yuuki & xyi, my discord is broken for some reason…

  1. I got bambozzled by this LN x) i thought it was completely translated as the links to all chapters were already clickable… now Iā€™m sharing some drinks with cliffhanger-kun

    Putting my pain aside, great TL and editing! Glad I found this site

  2. I think I just want to say “take your time” now šŸ˜€

    If the editing process is taking quite a time, it might be (slightly) longer chapter right XD

    Keep your spirit up guys šŸ™‚

  3. How does a temporarily broken Discord result in the release getting delayed for over a week ? I’m genuinely curious. That said, the chapter still isn’t released, at this point. Who knows how long the delay ends up to be… To be honest, I don’t even see how Discord not working would delay the schedule, at all. Not like Discord is the only option available, to hand over the chapter to the editor.. .

      1. So, I’ve taken a closer look at your site, for the first time. I’ve neither seen any ads nor die I find a Patreon link. If there’s no type of revenue involved and
        you’re doing this purely as a hobby, I really don’t have any reason to complain. In that case, I would like to take back my previous remark and apologize.

      2. You should consider setting up a Patreon, really.
        I would most certainly support you with a few bucks if that’d mean you’d be able to focus more on your translations.

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