41 thoughts on “Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor

  1. Are you continuing this series? It’s already been an entire year since the last update. Atleast give an announcement that you lost interest in the series and you’re not gonna translate anymore

  2. Could you please tell us the status of your Akashic Records translation project? It’s true that various other groups have taken over for the other volumes at various times (first Noblesse Oblige, and then Transmythicalation), but since you’re the only one who’s touched the volumes covered by the anime (V1-V5), it would be nice to know if you still intend to finish up.

    To clarify, I’m not angry, and I know translators can run out of time/interest for a particular translation for various reasons (copyrights, preferences, personal matters…). Besides, I’m currently learning Japanese myself, and I know it’s not always clear how to translate things into English because the two languages are so different. I’m just asking out of curiosity because I enjoy the series. Whatever the reason, I hope you’ll be able to tell us and that things are going well for you overall!

    1. Bro, he/they are doing this for us. Could you adopt a more respectful tone on your sentences? I get what you mean but honestly, as a reader, we should just wait to be fed with updates. We should not complain even the slightest regardless if the translator either continue or drop their projects.

  3. Please make OFFICAL announcement you’ve dropped this project since you clearly have NO intension of finishing out v4 and v5 to end your part of this series translation.

        1. a.) He’s doing this for free out of his own spare time, stop complaining. Be appreciative.
          b.) Yes it kind of sucks one volume is missing, but other than that Huap did 5-6 and some of 7 and transmythicalation is following up Huap after he left due to irl stuff.
          c.) There’s manga and the anime so….

      1. Gosh, i really hate this kind of people.
        Just let’s be clear, he doing this for free, and you can read it for free. So, if he doesn’t feel like to translating this light novel yet, just accept it.
        he has no obligation to continuing this project whatsoever, and you all have no rights to demand him.
        If you all so desperate, just learn some Japanese, and buy the official one, this way you can support the author too.

    1. Short answer HELL NO because tl’er is beginning a dick about finishing out vol4 and 5. Long answer yes CLAIMING it’s still in a Progress state when we now know he didn’t intend to finish it from the prolonged wait of volume 3’s completion.

      1. this Tl’er is screwing us with Akashic Records anyway so it doesn’t matter what you ask for he will eventually screw us to on whatever he decides to do in the end just like now. It’s not official but he’s basically already screwed us all by NOT updating it in over a year.

    1. Never going to get another update because Tl’ers just don’t want to finish out a forgotten Novel that the Author left unfinished because of BAD BLOOD between himself and the publisher so he moved on to Sister New testament and his recent novel.

      1. May I ask what you mean by “forgotten novel that author left unfinished”? Just out of curiosity since I was actually thinking of reading this light novel but not sure if I actually want to start it if the series has been abandoned by the author and most probably means that there won’t be an actual ending to the series.. Thankss

  4. Thank you for your work. I don’t know your personal situation but I hope you find the time and motivation to continue the translation.

  5. I hope things are going well with you finishing up with school (congratulations, by the way!). I was wondering/hoping if you were going to continue to translate this series eventually (when you have time after school wraps up) in it’s entirety as the other translator has ceased translating all together? All your hard work is much appreciated.

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