Consulting with this Masked Devil! – Volume 1 – Chapter 3

Today as a Receptionist

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Part 1

Lately, there is a lady that Moi has been curious about.

“Here, this is the reward for your request. Thank you for your hard work!”

After serving all the customers as usual, while sitting in the corner of the adventurer’s guild, Moi found Moiself observing this curious lady.

The lady’s name is Luna.

“Luna-san, I’ll entrust you with the calculation as well. Ah~, an unexpected amount of monsters appeared and it was really tough. I think the monsters seemed to have come from other habitats~. While we destroyed all the assault ants in sight, there are probably some remaining there.”

“That must’ve been a troubling situation, thanks for the information. The monsters might be establishing a nest nearby. Please tell me where you encountered assault ants, the guild will put up an investigation quest. Also, the reward for the hunting quest will be increase appropriately. Thank you for your hard work!”

She would give an appropriate response to the rowdy adventurers.

“Luna-san, about the monsters specified in this request. When we arrived the monsters had already been hunted, does this count as a failure…?”

“They seemed to have been repelled by passing adventurers. In this situation, the penalty for failure will not apply, please be assured.”

She would swiftly resolve any problems that suddenly appeared.

“Oi Luna, I’ve been curious for a while now, but what kind of food did you eat for your chest to be that big? There’s a girl in my party named Rin y’know? Her body doesn’t seem to be developing at all. Cause’ I pity her as a companion, I wanted to give her some advice. Got any good ideas?”

“Dust-san, if you speak in such a vulgar manner to an employee, an appropriate penalty will be imposed. You already tend to quarrel with the new adventurers, and have caused various disagreeable incidents. Therefore, if this continues, I may be forced to take some measures against you.”

And she would deal with delinquents that were drunk in the afternoon.

“Vanir-san, why are you looking at Luna-san? That onee-san is a popular receptionist lady at the adventurer’s guild. If you do something that troubles her you’ll be attacked by other adventurers you know? … See? Dust-san is already being beat up.”

This receptionist lady has sparked Moi curiosity.

Moi glanced at Yunyun.

Moi glanced at Yunyun, who was seated beside Moi. Having arranged set of playing cards, she was enjoying a concentration game.

“Moi does not want to trouble her, after all, Moi owes her a lot. She allowed Moi to use this corner of the guild, and even introduced troubled customers to Moi.

Because of that, Moi was troubled.

“Then why are you making such a troubled expression? Vanir-san, if you are free do you want to play a concentration game? I’m quite confident in my skills in board and card games. I’ll even gamble my spare change alright?”

With an intense desire to play, Yunyun shuffled the deck, and arranged the cards on the table.

“Alright, then allow Moi to go first. Oho~, it seems that Moi have safely accrued a pair. Oho~, another pair? Eheh~, what is happening here!? Has Moi completed all the pairs in a single turn? Then Moi shall take what you bet.”

“Using your clairvoyance power is cheating! The game ended before I could do anything!”


Despite her complaints, Yunyun – who was honest to a fault – quietly handed over the money.

“Actually, Moi is interested in someone…”

The cards that Yunyun were shuffling, fell abruptly to the floor.

Part 2

As Moi was arranging the store warehouse and getting rid of useless products.

The goddess stood with a gaping mouth at the variety of items in the warehouse. She looked around in awe, hoping to find an interesting item.

“Please excuse me Vanir-san, could you say that one more time?”

With an equally dumbfounded expression, Wiz inquired once again.

Without stopping what Moi was working on, Moi replied.

“Moi said that recently, Moi has become interested in someone.”

To Yunyun the other day, as well as to Wiz just now, Moi repeated the same line.

As Moi continued to work, Moi picked up a product.

What kind of effect could this possibly have…

“Eh Vanir-san, how could you continue to work like normal!? VaVaVa-, Vanir-san is interested in someone!? And who is this someone in question!? Is that person human!? To think that the Vanir-san that insists on saying things that no one understands, would have such a youthful moment…!”

“Please calm down Wiz. If it is this person, then he is probably interested in the product of some armor store, or a ghost mask that he saw at the festival. Please don’t hold such high expectations.”

Moi glanced at the two who said disrespectful things about Moi.

“Moi is interested in a human lady. …That said, could you please tell Moi what kind of effect this magic tool has?”

“That said!? Right now there is something far more important than that magic tool! By the way, that is a powerful magic tool allows it user to use the thief skill ‘steal’! Although it uses a large amount of mana, and can only be equipped by people with the thief profession… That said! That person is a human you said!?”

This item was not a magic tool, but rather, a piece of junk.

“Neh Wiz, I’m slightly shocked at this unexpected turn of events.”

“Having been with Vanir-san for such a long time, I’m far more shocked than you are Aqua-sama! To be honest, I thought it was some kind of joke…!”

Whilst the two the cause trouble as they pleased, Moi threw the junk into a box of items marked for clearance.

“A-And then!? Vanir-san, what will you do about that person!?”

Even if you say that…

“As of now, Moi does not intend to do anything special. Currently, that lady is one of Moi big clients. Although we usually do not talk much, if we were to engage in a relationship, it would affect the business. Since the new business is finally running smoothly, Moi intends to refrain from doing any needless actions.”

Moi said, as Moi picked up another piece of junk…

“What are you saying!? This is not like Vanir-san!”

Wiz took the junk from Moi hands.

“…I guess it can’t be helped~. Though I hate you, after hearing something so interesting, I can’t just sit here and do nothing right!? Wiz, let us use our rich romantic experiences to give him some advice! Making this devil with a bad personality owe us isn’t a bad thing either!”

“Rich romantic experiences… Aqua-sama, when I was an adventurer I spent my all days fighting, after that I’ve been working desperately in this store, so about that…”

“It’s alright, when I was working as a goddess, I spent all my free time reading manga. Of course, as should be expected, my knowledge in romance manga is absolute. So just leave this to me!”

Just what are these two excited about?

The goddess with a smug expression proceeded to sit down with no regard for etiquette. With an aura of pride, she crossed her arms and said.

“As a devil you surely won’t understand a girl’s feelings, therefore, I will be the one to guide you on the right path! Though I don’t know who that girl is, the first step is to present gifts that would make her happy. After that, you should begin to understand that girl! If you are not familiar with that girl, and she still accepts your gift, then you should stop interacting with her!”

To be honest, Moi was annoyed and this goddess’ enthusiasm.

Then, Wiz, who had returned the junk to the shelf, joined her hands in prayer.

“Vanir-san… Having been your friend for a long time, I will do everything to support you. I pledge that I will no longer produce red digits, so please rest assured. However, as your friend I have one request. Using Vanir-san’s power, everything will surely go smoothly. However, using the power of clairvoyance will not build a lasting relationship, and while you may be able to get what you want at first, you will be left with nothing at the end. Please do not abuse your power, and instead grasp your happiness with your own hands.”

Saying such things, Wiz silently smiled.

“Nevermind that, give back the junk you returned to the shelf.”

Part 3

The person in question is a benefactor of the magic tool store.

For that reason, Moi repressed Moi feelings.

However, since the store owner said such things…

Then perhaps it would be fun to listen to their opinions from time to time.

As a result, Moi – despite Moi suspicions – acted according to the goddess’ advice.

In other words…

“How does Luna-dono doth today? Moi has brought you a present. Please take it.”

“…Is this some new form of harassment?”

The person whom Moi has recently been interested in, said such things the moment she opened her mouth.

As expected, it would be better to not heed that goddess’ advice.

“If you would ask Moi whether Moi liked harassment, then Moi would answer that ‘Moi love it’. However, this is truly a sincere present, a gift of gratitude for your having always been in your care.”

At the counter of the adventurer’s guild ––

Towards Moi who brought forth a present, Luna showed an uncomfortable expression.

“I don’t think there exists any greater form of harassment, could I ask what kind of act this is?”

“It is as Moi have said. Moi even so far as to go to the neighboring area to hunt this.”

To Moi sincere present, she said.

“…Uhm, then may I ask why are you gifting me a monster corpse?”

“Don’t you always spend money to buy slain monsters from the adventurers? So I thought that thy had a hobby of collecting monster corpses…”

“Like I would have that kind of hobby! The reason we buy the corpses of monsters that cannot be eaten, is because leaving those bodies around would cause diseases to spread amongst the other monsters! Furthermore, buying those corpses will be a great help to the newbie adventurers… Either way, didn’t I ask Vanir-san to avoid destroying the monster’s ecosystem?…”

“What? Moi am not that foolish. Around the habitat of the monster species whose numbers are declining, Moi has strategically placed homemade Vanir dolls that would laugh and explode…”

“Please go and retrieve them!”

…Without using the power of clairvoyance, it is hard to establish relationships.

In this manner, Moi initial approach ended in failure

“––How did it go? Neh How did it go? The present strategy!”

Returning to the store at night.

The excited and annoying goddess looked at Moi with eyes of expectation.

“Nothing happened. Moi sincere present was rejected. Furthermore, she told me never to do that type of thing again.”

After hearing that, the goddess rested her chin on her hand, raised her eyebrows, and said.

“Ho~. This development is beyond my expectations.”

To the goddess’ mutters.

“A-Aqua-sama? What do you mean by a development beyond your expectations…?”

To Wiz’s inquiry, the goddess showed a serious expression.

“To be real, I honestly believed that this wicked devil was be attracted to someone strange girl. However, not only was she not attracted by the present, she even asked this devil to not do anything like that again. For the sake of this kind girl, I was considering whether to use some dastardly methods to break up this affair.”

“Aqua-sama, saying that is too much! Even Vanir-san deserves the right to love a normal girl! Vanir-san got a good response, and it seems that the person he is interested in is an honest, straightforward girl as well!”

To the two whose conversation Moi could not understand, Moi said.

“Moi only said that he was interested in this lady, and did not say anything about love.”

“Neh Wiz, this devil still insists on saying such things.”

“Vanir-san is not a straightforward person, he must be embarrassed.”

Ignoring the two who murmured amongst themselves, Moi prepared for work tomorrow.

Part 4

The next morning.

“Learning from yesterday’s mistakes, I think you should first gather information about that girl.”

After delivering the sold products and returning to the store, Moi discovered that this bothersome goddess had come to play around again.

One could often find this goddess walking around on the streets with nothing in mind. She really had too much free time.

Wiz, who sat next to the goddess, nodded her head.

“That’s right, it’s hard to make a strategy if we don’t understand the person of interest. We don’t even know her name. Vanir-san, could you describe any special traits that she has?”

…Hmph, the special traits of that lady huh…

If there’s anything in particular, then it would be her work.

“Moi suppose you’re right. Usually, she puts her efforts into settling the results made by a variety of people.”

Yes, she would settle the problems made by the adventurers.

“I see, so she likes to care for others.”

“I never thought that you would have a good eye for women. I will give you ten goddess points for that. Anything else?”

Moi was curious as to what goddess points were. Next is…

“She would advise those that she associated with about particular dangers, and she would offer work to those that don’t have any money.”

Yes, she would advise the newbie adventurers, and would provide them with simple quests.

“She is truly an honest person… Could it be, that girl is a priest of the Axis cult?”

Other special traits…

“She is regarded as a beautiful woman with big breasts.”

“I’m really disappointed! Vanir-san you have really disappointed me!”

“Point penalty! It is too early for you to receive any goddess points!”

That lady is the popular receptionist of the guild, and there were always adventurers lined up to see her.

By the way, the brat that was this goddess’ companion would always go to that lady for anything related to quests.

“Well either way, I now understand a little bit. The person you are interested is a flawless flower. This hurdle is too high for you who lacks any good points, just give up already. Since you can probably already see the punch line where you are thrown away, you should just leave this be.”

“Aqua-sama that is too rude. Vanir-san has his good points, and isn’t it too early to tell!? Even though Vanir-san is like this, he is really popular amongst the children and elderly women of this town!”

Moi ignored the two who continued to say more disrespectful things about Moi.

So, the first step is to gather information about her.

Moi see, there is some truth to that statement.

“––Basically, it is like this.”

Anyhow, at the adventurer’s guild today––

Moi have decided close the consulting center for today.

To Yunyun who wore a surprised expression, Moi casually sipped from the glass in hand and said.

“Having come today as a customer, Moi will be able to shamelessly observe the person of interest. The lonely lady who is unwilling leave Moi side, since you helped Moi store during the Goddess Eris Thanksgiving festival, allow Moi to treat you.”

“Stop calling me a lonely lady! But, since you said so…”

Yunyun quickly ordered a juice. Perhaps out of happiness over the first time she was treated by a friend, she happily giggled to herself as she gazed at and fidgeted with the glass.

If anything, she was a lady that was inexpensive to deal with.

At this moment, a shadow loomed from behind Moi.

“Yo~, isn’t it boss Vanir and the little brat? I saw that you aren’t working today, so what are you guys doing now?”

Axel’s infamous delinquent adventurer, Dust.

Dust casually picked up the juice in front of Yunyun and drank it all in one breath. He then followed Moi line of sight.

“Haa~n, I can’t really underestimate the boss. You are eyeing that receptionist right? She definitely has large boobs, so I can understand how you feel…”


“Uwaah!? The heck are you doing!? Oi stop it you little brat, though I don’t understand what happened, but you seem to be looking for a fight. Well then, come on!”

Whilst Yunyun pounced on Dust who had stolen her juice, Moi continued to observe Luna’s work––

“Like I said! Please lecture the adventurers of this guild! This is the already the third time where drunk adventurers had run around naked at my hotel! There are nobles staying at my hotel! Also, I, who am a mere commoner, cannot control and lecture these adventurers! Even though my high class hotel used to never have beginner adventurers, recently, there have been many more adventurers that have come to stay at my hotel…!”

“I’m very sorry! The reason our adventurers are now able to use high class hotels, is because they had claimed the bounties of the destroyer and the kowloon hydra, and have suddenly become wealthy. I am sure that after a while, they will get tired of that lifestyle…! However, since the adventurers are composed of those who desire freedom, the guild is unable to restrict them from going to high class hotels…”

“Then just send your employees or something and tell them to get those crude ruffians to stop!”

“I’m sorry! I’m extremely sorry for their behavior. I will tell a currently free employee to go there immediately!”

It seems that this girl was cleaning up after the mess of some idiots.

Since Moi had opened the business at the guild, Moi has determined that the work of an adventurer’s guild employee is truly arduous.

Gathering information on monsters, investigating the demon king’s army, guiding and educating the beginner adventurers, collecting the necessary materials from monsters, establishing the finances to support the nation and its citizens, regulating the population of specific monsters, and to manage the damages caused.


“Luna-san, Luna-san, there is a serious problem. The hunter’s federation have filed an official complaint! It says that ‘In the forest where we hunt, the birds have begun to fly as a group due to the explosion that will always occur daily.’ They don’t request that the explosions stop, but they want to be informed of when and where the explosion takes place!”

“…I understand. Call the person causing explosions to the adventurer’s guild. I will write a reply to the hunter’s federation later.”


Most of the work consisted of cleaning the mess created by the adventurers.

“Excuse me, is this the adventurer’s guild of this town? I am in charge of managing the use of medical slimes. Just now, a blonde-haired blue-eyed female adventurer that looked like a knight stopped us…”

“A blond-haired blue-eyed female knight… And then, what did she say when she stopped you?”

“About that… She said ‘You, what is that slime!? As someone who knows a lot about slimes, I can tell that is not a normal slime. Is it a magically modified slime? It is a magically modified slime that can melt clothes right? Haa~n, so you intend to throw this slime at the people of this town and strip the pure maidens. You despicable bastard! As an adventurer that protects the safety of this town, I will confiscate that slime! I will at least recompense you so be grateful!’ and forceful took the slime we were transporting away…”

“I’m extremely sorry, we will have the medical slimes returned to you as quickly as possible. …Any employees that are open at the moment, someone go retrieve the slimes! Also, since you will surely meet resistance, contact the lady’s guardian before going!”

Moi continued observed the hurried movements of the employees.

…For a while now, the problems seems to only be caused by the adventurers that Moi knew…

“Uhm, Vanir-san? Could it be that, the person that Vanir-san is interested in is that onee-san?”

Yunyun – who now understood who Moi was looking at – asked absentmindedly.

Earlier, she had left with Dust to fight outside, and seems to have won without any trouble.

“Mhm. Recently, Moi have been very interested in that lady. Even as Moi watch that lady move around, I feel the urge to rush over there.”

“T-To that extent…!”

Yunyun’s face turned red, and she turned with a heated expression to look at Moi.

“Vanir-san, I will support you! A devil and an adventurer’s guild receptionist. Originally, the guild employees that guide the monster hunts are a devil’s enemy! However, isn’t this type of star-crossed relationship really amazing! Also, to be able to help with a friend’s love troubles, isn’t this a wonderful moment! It makes me feel that we are truly friends!!”

Though her misunderstanding caused her to be uncharacteristically excited, Moi appreciated her help.

––Together with Yunyun, Moi returned to the store. Wiz quickly came rushing out.

“Welcome home! H-How did it go? Did Vanir-san find some strategy to approach the person you are interested in?”

Toward Wiz’s anticipation, Moi shook my head.

“To do this without Moi clairvoyant power is truly troublesome. That said, Moi now realizes that Moi have been too reliant on this power. Regrettable things aside, Moi believe this is merely a problem Moi must overcome to achieve Moi dream…!”

“Vanir-san, you really didn’t use your power…! That’s right, the struggle before coming together, is truly the greatest spice of romance!”

For some reason, Wiz showed a relieved expression.

However, she continued with a dark expression.

“But… if it continues like this, I fear that Vanir-san will greatly suffer… So…with the power of clairvoyance…”

Moi stopped Wiz from continuing.

“Ho~, what happened to your confidence just now? What has overcome that air of confidence? It seems like you are experienced in romance, so please allow Moi to learn from your experiences.”

“So then let us decide on what to do from now on! Yunyun-san, do you have any good ideas!? You don’t have any!? Isn’t that right! Then let’s first use this. Actually, this is an amazing magic tool…!”

“Wiz-san!? I-I haven’t even said anything yet!”

Ignoring what Moi had to say, Wiz rushed into the warehouse to retrieve the magic tool. At the same time, the store door was slammed open.

“I heard about it Vanir-sama! That you were seduced by some little human lady!”

Two devils stood in the doorway.

They were the succubus that worked in this town.

Part 5

What has happened?

Moi was merely worried about that lady…

“Vanir-sama, please return to your usual self! The person a human, and has only lived about twenty years! To you she should be someone with the age of an infant! If this goes on than the Vanir-sama that we worship will be labeled a lolicon! Am I not already good enough!? If I am not good enough, then I will bring the youngest from our store!”

“Please choose me! No, to think that the person Vanir-sama is interested would seduce Vanir-sama instead of coming after you directly…! If Vanir-sama’s subordinates hear that then they would begin to cry! That only leaves one choice, please choose me!!”

The succubus who ran a suspicious store in town, and the loli succubus who was the youngest employee of the store, had come here to complain.

When Moi had settled in this town, the succubus had come to give their casual greetings, however, they were also the residents of Moi domain in hell…

“Please stop for a moment and calm down. By the way, who did you hear this from?”

“A blonde repeat customer with a bad gaze.”

So it was him.

Unable to follow the sudden turn of events, Wiz observed the situation from a short distance. She appeared to have spotted the photo collection that the loli succubus wrapped in her arms, close to her chest.

“I am a fan of the clairvoyant Vanir-sama! To us, Vanir-sama is handsome! Sexy!! Vicious!! I cannot accept that Vanir-sama would be made a fool of by a mere human…!”

It was Moi photo collection.

Using a magic camera that Moi obtained through certain connections, Moi – partly for fun – had taken some pictures of Moiself. Moi then tried a limited print release, but had never expected the nearby succubus to make the product fly off the shelves.

Yunyun – who had silently listened the entire time – slowly raised her hand.

“Uhm, Vanir-san…? From the conversation just now, could it be that these people are also devils…?”

“Mhm, to be precise, they are devil succubus.”

“‘Light of Saber’––!!”

Without hearing the response of Moi response, Yunyun activated her magic.

Raising her right hand skyward, and using her left to flip her mantle, Yunyun announced to the two succubi.

“My name is Yunyun! An archwizard that uses advanced magic… the top magician of the Crimson Magic clan, and the one who will eventually become the village chief! The ones that obstruct my friends’ romance! I shall sho––a!”

To stop Yunyun who intended to unleash her magic, Moi slapped the back of her head. The loli succubus, who was suddenly faced with advanced magic, held the magazine tightly in her arms, and retreated with a frightened expression.

The loli succubus, despite not having any fighting abilities, did not run away.

Moi sighed.

“Moi does not understand what kind of misunderstanding you have, but thy needn’t worry about Moi. Here, let Moi take the photo collection, I will sign it. After that, you should go home for today.”

As Moi took the photo collection, the loli succubus’ expression brightened up.

“Vanir-san, Vanir-san, what is that photo collection?”

“Un-, ow… Ah, I am a bit curious about that as well.”

Wiz, who had been observing the situation, and Yunyun, who held rubbed her head, expressed their interest.

“This is a collection of photos of Moi no-holds-barred stark-naked visage. Moi had tried a limited release, and it was extremely popular amongst the succubi. As of now, it is a premium item.”


To Moi words, the two of them looked at Moi mask. They then bent down and huddled together to discuss.

“He said ‘stark-naked’…Wiz-san, you have been acquaintances with Vanir-san for a long time right? Have you ever seen Vanir-san’s face?”

“No, about that…apparently the mask is the real body, so I’ve never seen what is behind it, though I heard that the nearby wives have all seen it… I don’t know what kind of secret it is, but he hasn’t allowed Aqua-sama and I to see it…”

The reason that Moi did not allow that goddess and Wiz to look under the mask, is just to tease those who wanted to see under Moi mask.

The gaze of the two, then collectively focused on the photo collection that the loli succubus was handing over.

The older succubus then timidly said.

“Then Vanir-sama… In the end, what do you plan to do with that human?”

Hmph. What do Moi plan to do, hm…

The person concerned was the biggest customer of the adventurer’s guild.

But because she was also an employee of the guild, Moi did not plan to do anything rash.

“Moi is content with being able to stand beside that lady, and does not wish for anything more. It is for the sake of this store.”

Saying that, Moi quickly signed the book…

“Vanir-sama is not such a faint-hearted person! Vanir-sama will surely–, Vanir-sama who can see through all will surely–…! Surely, Vanir-sama will easily make that mere human lady fall into your hands! That is the Vanir-sama that we yearn for!”

The loli succubus attested to her belief with tears in her eyes.

“You–! Please excuse her Vanir-sama, the full moon is coming, so this child is a bit excited…!”

… It was as this succubus said, on the night of a full moon, a devil’s emotions and power were at its strongest.

Yes, tonight, a beautiful moon will rise.

The sudden rise of Moi feelings was surely caused by that moon.

Not because of the citizen of Moi domain that cried in sorrow before Moi.

“Fu, Fufu…”

Moi began to laugh uncontrollably.

Yes, Moi am the devil that sees through all.

“Fuhah… Fuhahahahahaha…!”

There was nothing to worry about.


The two succubus looked at Moi with eyes of expectation.

Yes, what was there to be reserved about?

When – and for what reason – did Moi become so withered?

Moi am the great devil that sees through all.

Even if Moi were to achieve the results of Moi desire, Moi would still lose Moi current business.

As a result, it would delay Moi dream of making a dungeon.

“Fuhahahahaha! To think that Moi would suppress Moi own desire, it is truly not like Moi to act in such a way. Alright, I will allow myself to indulge in Moi desire, and unleash Moi power! Oi, the lecherous store owner that had been looking at Moi photo collection whilst indulging in delusions!”

“Lecherous store owner!? P-Please wait a moment Vanir-san, I was not indulging in any delusions! I am just a bit curious about its contents…!”

“I–, I did not have any weird delusions either! I was also only curious about what is hidden behind the mask…!”

“That doesn’t matter! If you are really curious about the photo collection, there are more copies in the storeroom, so you can look as many times as you want! More importantly!!”

Moi looked at Wiz.

“Sorry, store owner, but Moi will not be able to follow thy advice to not use Moi power. Before Moi loyal subordinates, Moi must display Moi full power!”

Moi lips curved in an evil grin.

Moi thought Moi friend would be angry.

“Alright, take care.”

As she said that, she revealed a small smile.

Part 6

The customers of the adventurer guild had all left. It was almost midnight.

Moi had come to the dim adventurer guild.

The candlelight of the kitchen had been extinguished. Only a small lantern that remained lit.

“…Who is it? The adventurer’s guild is closed for today already alright?”

Alone under the candlelight, Luna continued to do bookkeeping work.

Every day, she would have to listen to complaints with a beaming smile, and solve these complicated disputes.

Despite having to deal with ruffian adventurers and influential parties, she continued to work as a receptionist without remorse.

She would come to the guild earlier than anyone else, and leave later than anyone else.

Moi have always been interested in this girl.

“Why is thy still working at this time of day?”

To Moi words, Luna released a small depreciative laugh.

“It is because this is my job.”

At the same time, Moi detected a pleasant smell.

It was sweet and fragrant.

This excellent smell had been hanging on Moi mind ever since Moi had come to this guild.

…As expected, this is good.

Moi am extremely interested in the manners regarding this lady.

“Thy art a wise lady. Thy have probably already noticed Moi true identity.”

“Of course I know. What are you saying after such a long time?”

Luna seemed to be slightly surprised.

“Then Moi need not explain. From now onwards, Moi desires to be on good terms with the guild. Therefore, allow Moi to reintroduce Moiself. Moi am the clairvoyant devil Vanir. Originally one of the demon king army’s generals, Moi am the duke of hell, Vanir. … Of course…”

To Luna who already knew what Moi said.

“Thy heart that is toilsome every day, Moi have already seen through it all.”

Moi loudly placed the sake bottle onto the table.

“Then, Moi benefactor! Tonight, allow Moi to listen to your accumulated troubles!!”

––One hour past midnight.

“I can’t take it anymore! Just why!? Why do the all the adventurers of this town cause so many problems!? Do they have some grudge towards me!? Not to mention that the people I deal with are adventurers! Not only can I not use any forceful methods, but since the adventurers of this town are now fairly wealthy, they don’t care if I restrict them from doing quests for a while! What exactly should I do!?”

At the tavern of the adventurer’s guild, Luna drunkedly roared her troubles as loudly as she could.

“Mhm Mhm, there are strange people everywhere in this town. I understand thy feelings.”

Whilst listening intently, Moi continued to pour sake into the Luna’s cup.

Only Luna and Moi were currently at the adventurer’s guild.

Luna gulped the cup in one breath, and continued to complain.

“Ugu…Ugu… Only Vanir-san seems to understand me…! Each and every single day I have to clean up after the adventurer’s mess, and even then there is no overtime pay! Once I get home I immediately go to sleep, and by then, it is already almost to go to work again! I haven’t taken a day off in 3 months you know!? Even though there are new employees, all the older workers retire when there marry, so it is just as busy as before! I want a boyfriend! I want to experience romance! Rather than those adventurers that can only say crude things, I want a gentlemanly and mature lover!!”

“I see I see, thy have truly been troubled every day. Do not worry, Moi can already see that in a short while, you will find an attractive man. Now, it is fine to keep drinking. Since Moi always borrows the guild’s corner for Moi business, tonight is Moi treat. This is the least Moi can do.”

As Moi refilled the empty cup again, the receptionist lady wildly turned to gaze at Moi.

“…Haa–… If only Vanir-san is not a devil…”

“Fuhahahaha! Moi am not a devil. Rather Moi am merely, a part-time worker and a well behaved citizen of Axel!”

“Yea Yea that’s right, you’re just a plain citizen who wears work gloves and a working outfit, and occasionally goes to hunt monsters whose populations have grown too much. Thank you as always.”

“Well, well, you are welcome.”

Wearing a regretful expression for some reason, Luna dropped her empty cup on the table and began to mutter.

“I want to take a rest… I don’t care if I have to pay I just want to rest… The things I have to clean have piled up like a mountain, and I haven’t taken out this week’s trash… If possible, I want to experience a wonderful romance…”

In response to the drunk Luna, Moi lips curved into a wicked smile.

“Thy dreams will be realized…!”

Part 7

Though the adventurer’s guild was usually filled with quarreling, today, it was especially rowdy.

Some of the adventurers that entered the guild observed the situation from faraway, whilst others whispered amongst themselves.

Before long, a lone adventurer that could no longer bear the situation, walked up and timidly asked.

“Um… Vanir-san, what are you doing here?”

––To Moi who was sitting behind the counter.

“You should first start with a greeting, you small-eyed man. As you can see, today, Moi is a receptionist. Moi am responsible for complaints and consulting. Now, it would be great if you could pass this message along to the idiots where are looking from faraway.”

So, the man doubtfully explained the situation to the other adventurers.

Either way, the adventurers were puzzled as to why Moi have become a receptionist.

After sending the drunk Luna back to her home, Moi explained to the other employees that Moi would replace Luna for today, which led to the current situation.

While the employees had shown doubtful expressions, in the end, they solemnly decided to accept the compromise.

Though they may want to inquire about Moi intentions, the situation is as Moi had anticipated with Moi clairvoyant power.

However, this was all preparation to obtain that radiant future.

“…Then, is Vanir-san is responsible for complaints? Then it is fine if I tell you right? “

The two adventurers that stood before Moi, inquired with a glint of suspicion.

“Yes, as Moi usually runs a consulting center, replying to complaints that not trouble Moi in any way. Then let us hear it, what are you troubled about?”

“A-Ah… Actually, we’ve been summoned to the guild. I while ago we were drunk, and began to quarrel in the middle of the street.”

“That’s right. And since this person is a warrior, and I am a magic-class, after a while I began to use magic… Since offensive-type magic is forbidden in town, we’ve come to the guild to have the penalty imposed…”

The adventurers of this town are indeed a group of problem children.

“I see… It is true that in the case of using offensive-type magic in town, a one month penalty of community service will be imposed on the parties involved. Well then, let us settle this matter quickly…”

“Wait a second, Oi! Though it is bad for us to quarrel in town, we are adventurers you know? During the time where we’re doing community service, wouldn’t there be a troubling increase in the number of monsters!?”

“Y-Y-, Yea! Anyway, since we fight monsters every day, isn’t it fine to be drunk occasionally!? No one was hurt either way, and isn’t this type of incident really common in this town!?”

So it was like that, no wonder Luna was so troubled.

No wonder she would emit such a wonderful scent.

“Basically, you don’t plan on accepting the penalty of community service?”

To Moi question, the two lightly took a step back.

“O-Of course! What is it? I’m not scared of you, if you use violence then I will go and tell Wiz-san!”

“I-I-, I’m not scared of you either! If we were scared of fighting then we wouldn’t be adventurers in the first place! That said, I don’t mind if we use money in place of community service! I don’t mind being fined at all!”

Though Moi did not understand their strong attitude, Moi slowly rose from Moi seat–

“This is an all the adventurers that have been called by the guild today! Please look over here!! To these two people who are giving the guild employees a lot of trouble, Moi shall use brute force!”

Shouting the announcement across the guild, Moi pointed to the two adventurers.

“To all of Moi clan in the world, the duke of hell Vanir orders you to…”

“W-Wait! Oi, stop! What are you planning to do! I feel like I just heard a very dangerous line!”

“We will go do community service immediately! So please wait Vanir-san, wait!!”

Towards the two who ran screaming.

“Thy shalt be struck by Moi curse! ‘Cursed Darkness’!”

As Moi shouted, the curse attached to their targets.

“Uwaaaaahhh…! …Ah?”

“Hieeeeiiihhh…! … Huh? Nothing… happened…?”

Then, a black radiance enveloped the two who could not keep up with the turn of events.

“Alright, your penalties end here. You’re free to go. Then, next person please!”

Seeing Moi that acting as if nothing happened, a commotion swept across the guild.

“What was that just now, I’ve never heard of that magic.”

“It was a magic that was darkness something. Is it a curse that makes you a natural masochist?”

What Moi used was a devil’s curse.

Using the power of darkness, Moi could place any curse that Moi desired.

Seeing nothing happen to him, one of the adventurers left the guild.

“Idiot, isn’t that just an empty threat? Oiii– Vanir-san! I was summoned here because I thought with a normal citizen, could you give me the same penalty as that guy?”

The person showed of a gleeful air to the adventurers, and stamped his feet as he walked towards Moi.

It was then.



The feverish cries of the two resounded throughout the guild.

They seem to now be familiar with the effects of the curse.

“H-Hey you, what’s happening? Why are you crying out loud…”

“It seemed like nothing had happened. So what is it now?”

Perhaps he was scared by the helpless cries, but the man who was walking towards Moi showed a uncomfortable expression and froze where he stood.

“Not there…”

The man who was cursed uttered those words.

“N-Not there? What’s not there?”

As the nearby adventurers inquired, the must kept his hands between his legs.

“…Somehow, that thing of mine is not there.”

“––Please forgive me! Give me a break!! I will pay or whatever so please forgive me! Please return my thing!!”

“Neh, I have become some weird creature haven’t I? What should I do!? Neh, how should I deal with this? I will prostrate myself on the ground or whatever, so please return me to how I was!!”

To the two who stood there in tears, Moi signaled the next adventurer.

“Then the next customer… If Moi was not wrong, thy wanted Moi curse as the penalty, am Moi wrong?”

“NNNNNN–Nooo!? I will do the normal community service! I pay the fine or do anything but that!!”

Moi handed the community service manual to the deathly-pale adventurer.

“Then, next person please.”

“Ahhhh! Vanir-san, I truly regret what I have done so please forgive me! About the trouble I’ve caused, please excuse my actions!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! If it continues like this, I won’t be able to marry, so please forgive me!”

The other adventurers observed the situation in fright. Moi said to the two adventurers who lay in tears.

“The penalty period is one month. After that, everything will return to normal. If it’s not there, you will perhaps feel even more relaxed. It may even be more convenient when you go to the toilet. By the way, if you go to community service, the curse period will be shortened.”

““I will go!!””

As Moi saw them rush out.

“Then, next person please.”

The faces of adventurers that were summoned turned pale, and their bodies began to shake uncontrollably.


Part 8

About three hours since Moi began to work––

Having dealt with the adventurers that caused problems, Moi finally had some free time.

As the adventurer’s guild door opened, Moi spotted some familiar faces.

Spotting Moi, they approached with puzzled expressions.

“Vanir-san, what are you doing here? You didn’t return last night so I was worried.”

Wiz and Yunyun had come to see Moi.

For some reason, the two succubi followed shortly behind them.

“Mhm. After what happened last night, Moi had a drink with the person Moi was interested in. Then, I brought the lady home as she was drunk. Right now, Moi am working in her stead.

“Ehhh!? Vanir-san, you managed to drink with that special person!? You managed to pull it off didn’t you? This is an amazing development!”

“And you even brought her home… h-how mature… It is a relationship between adults…”

Behind the two who were making a fuss, the two succubi gritted their teeth, and looked as though they wanted to cry.

––It was then.

“Excuse me, I sorry for my lateness!”

Despite her messy hair, Luna – the lady that Moi was interested in – hurriedly opened the doors, and rushed into the workplace.

“I’m very sorry, I will immediately go to work… V-Vanir-san!? What are you doing here!?”

She raised her voice in surprise at Moi, who was seated at the receptionist counter.

“What do thy mean? Moi have switched places with thy who said that ‘I want to take a rest’ last night. As a result, Moi am working here.”

“H-How could you…”

Luna hurriedly glanced at the other employees.

“It’s true, Vanir-san has taken Luna-san’s place. Maybe it is because he is always at the guild, but Vanir-san managed to complete the work flawlessly.”

“Also, Vanir-san is really amazing! He managed to control those adventurers that always cause problems, as if he were domesticating cats!”

Luna was dumbfounded by the continuous praise of the employees.

“Uhm.. Vanir-san, thank you very much. Not only did you listen to my problems, but you even went so far as to fill in for me when I was drunk…”

She bowed deeply towards Moi out of gratitude.

“Don’t worry, this is something that Moi chose to do. It is nothing to be concerned about.

In response to what Moi said, Wiz’s group reverberated.

“This is the person that Vanir-san was talking about…!”

“I know this person! She is the guild’s popular reception lady. This onee-san always has a long line waiting to see her!”

When Luna heard what the two said, she blushed slightly, and timidly gazed at Moi.

“A-Ah… Vanir-san, why did you this much? Normally, you and I don’t interact very much, and I only lent you a corner of the guild to use…”

Towards Luna whose voice has gradually become smaller out of embarrassment, Moi flatly said.

“It is because Moi am interested in thy.”

Though it wasn’t anything that should cause a commotion, those in the guild that heard what Moi said reacted spontaneously to the turn of events.

After a short while, the news spread in a manner in which no one could possibly misunderstand what had unfolded.

On the receiving end of the attention, Luna’s face quickly turned red.

“He said it! Vanir-san actually said it in front of this many people!”

“T-That’s so cool… I have finally seen a new side of Vanir-san… Even my Crimson Magic heartstrings are moved…!”

Ignoring the audience that made a large ruckus, Moi continued.

“However, Moi does not plan to do anything needless. Moi am content with doing things like drinking together once in a while. Moi am satisfied with being able to stand by thy side.”

Luna seemed to be shocked, and her body began to tremble. She gazed towards Moi with an expression of insecurity and anticipation, and said.

“Though I am very happy that Vanir-san feels that way… To be honest, for me who has never experienced romance, your stature and gentlemanly attitude are very close to my ideals. But… B-But, I am an adventurer guild receptionist, and Vanir-san is a… Vanir-san is a… ––!”

With a pained expression and a hoarse, forceful voice, Luna averted Moi gaze…

“Vanir-sama is serious! He has been troubled by it since forever!”

The loli succubus that had remained solemnly silent, loudly declared to the guild.

“T-That’s right, Vanir-sama is truly serious. Vanir-sama is the one that we yearn for to be our master, that Vanir-sama that think so highly of you, what is there to be troubled about!? If you reject him now, can you be certain that you won’t regret it!? Though I don’t have the power to see through the future, but even I can make such a choice! If you run away now, then when you realize how you feel, it will surely be too late!”

What the succubus said seemed to have a large impact on Luna.

And with a determined expression, she look at Moi directly.

“Vanir-san… I have decided. I understand that there are many barriers that separate us, and that there are many things that I don’t know about you… Even so, I want to at least try to understand you little by little. Um… Therefore, I…What I want to hear is not for us to drink together once in a while…but rather, I want to hear Vanir-san tell me directly…!”

To Luna whose expression was filled with anticipation towards the lines that would surely follow, Moi nodded Moi head to reassure her.

––Now is that time to reap a brilliant harvest. Moi said the words that had already been predetermined by Moi clairvoyant eye.

“Moi has always been interested in you. The negative emotions that thy release, are a delicacy that is hard to come by. About thy future romantic prospects, Moi sees that thy can only continue to be jealous of your coworkers. In regards to the indulgent adventurers, you will continue to carry strong negative feelings. Instead of allowing these types of feelings to go to waste, Moi want to stand by thy side, and listen to your complaints.”

Time stopped.

The succubus who looked teary-eyed at Moi.

Wiz and Yunyun who observed the situation unfold with eyes that shone in expectation.

The adventurers who released cries of grief at Luna’s reaction.

Even the employees that looked at Moi with grouchy expressions.

All of them froze in time.

In the center of the guild that returned the silence stood Luna, whose brilliant smile remained frozen.

Ahh, this is the best.

As expected, the negative emotions of this receptionist lady are truly a great delicacy that cannot be found elsewhere.

Having tasted the greatest of negative emotions, Moi expressed Moi gratitude.

“Fuhahahahaha! This is it! This is the taste that Moi desired! This great negative emotion has a truly dreadful deliciousness!”

“““““That is too cruel!”””””

Everyone but Luna shouted at Moi in unison.

Part 9

Wiz, Yunyun, the adventurers, the guild employees––

Even the two succubi who were Moi loyal subordinates had scolded Moi for Moi actions.

After that––

“––Neh, are you listening Vanir-san!? As a human there are things you can and cannot do! There is a line that shouldn’t be crossed.”

“Albeit you just said those words to Moi, who is a devil.”

As Moi listened to the lonely lady, Moi began to think that Moi had had the same argument before with a similarly lonely girl.

“U–…U–… Ah I’ve had enough of this…! Why is it that the people that I meet are all such strange people…!? Neh, can you tell me why? If you dare to say that ‘like attracts like’ I will immediately beat them you alright?”


“Don’t keep quiet! Ahhhhh, come on already! You’ll accompany me here until daybreak!”

“That means, tomorrow Moi will…”

“Of course! I’ll leave tomorrows work to you. I’ll be sure to give you remuneration for your temporary work.”

––Ever since Moi became a receptionists for a day, the adventurers were no longer willing to cause trouble.

Because of that, not only did Moi receive the thanks of the employees, but has even found a new part time job. Though this was a good outcome…

“Next month, an employee in another town from the same period as me is getting married! Why is it that the employees from other towns are getting married so quickly!? One of the seven mysteries of Axel, is the fact that the female adventurers and employees are not popular amongst decent people! What do you think is actually happening? Even though this town isn’t anything special, why are the male adventurers of so different…”

As midnight quickly approached.

After the customers and employees had left, only Luna and Moi remained at the guild.

Since the day Moi tasted the delicious of that negative feeling, listening to Luna complain after she finished her work had become a daily routine.

Rather, this is what Moi had hoped for, and there was no helping it.

“Well then, just keeping drinking, receptionist lady whom is past marriageable age. To atone for Moi actions the other day, would you rather Moi transform into image of the capital’s top host?”

“You can do that kind of thing!? Then, how about you become that famous person… Actually no, although it is a bit disgraceful, could you transform into prince Justice…? With the face of prince Justice, I want you to say ‘Become my wife, and we shall rule over the nation together…! … Excuse me, I was a bit confused there, please forget it.”

“Hm, alright…”

To Moi who was at loss for words, Luna wordlessly pushed her cup towards Moi once again.

As Moi was pouring the sake––

“How about Moi use Moi power to see thy––“

“Absolutely! Please do.”

––Marrying age. Before Moi could finish Moi sentence, Luna had accepted Moi proposition.

“M-Moi understands that Moi should avoid talking about the trouble. Also, no matter what kind of result appears, please promise to not put a bounty on Moi.”


“Oi, why have you suddenly become silent?”

The day after Moi had tasted the negative emotions, this lady personally placed a large bounty on Moi, and had trouble me greatly.

While Moi had underestimated the ability of the adventurer guild’s employee, Moi did feel a need to reflect on Moi actions.

“I wouldn’t be able to face a bad result, so just leave it be… Anyway, since I don’t want you to transform into someone else either, could I have a glance at your true face? To be honest, I have been very interested in what is hidden behind that mask for a long time now…”

Part 10

“Ah, welcome home Vanir-san! …What is it? Why do you seem so exhausted?”

“To think she would say astounding things like ‘At this point, I don’t even care if it is a devil’ with such a dreadful look in her eyes… Moi underestimated the viciousness of the lady well past marriageable age…”

Moi lifelessly seated Moiself on the chair.

Moi – whose energy had been expended beyond Moi expectations – decided to skip today’s receptionist work.

Even a devil would cower away from them. A cornered female was truly terrifying.

“By the way, when Moi was not at the store, how many red digits have been produced?”

In response to Moi words, Wiz – with a knowing expression – took out the accounting book.

The transactions of this store was recorded here.

Moi received the accounting book from Wiz, and skimmed its contents…

“What is this!? Why are there black digits here! Are you really the store owner!?”

Moi kicked the chair aside and stood up, and prepared to battle this fake store owner.

The fake store owner’s expression of surprise, slowly turned into one of solemn anger.

“Even I will occasionally produce black digits! Vanir-san, you are too cruel! There, look closely at the products that are placed on the shelves!”

“… Moi see. What on earth is happening? Could this be the harbinger of some great disaster?”

“That’s too cruel!”

Retrieving the accounting book from Moi hands and returned it to the storehouse. In its place, she returned with a small crate.

“Actually, it is because of the popularity of this new product. This magic tool is really convenient you know? If you inject magic power, then it will cool down the temperature of its surroundings! This is modeled after a magic tool from another world called a ‘cooler’!”

The small box that Wiz brought out emitted a cool breeze.

Now Moi understand, during the summertime this will product will surely sell.

“In this rare occurrence you have made a useful product. This will surely be one of our main products!”

“Right!? Actually, I have already made an order for mass production. From now on, you can no longer me the useless store owner!”

To the store owner that stuck her chest out in pride, Moi said.

“Though you said you made a mass production order, what time will the products arrive? Since summertime is almost over…”

Wiz, who was in high spirits, froze when she heard what Moi said.

“……In two months…”

As usual, her voice softened as she spoke, and her face turned pale.

This order will undoubtedly arrive during the autumn season.

“… If it’s an order of this size then it can’t be canceled.”

“I’m sorry I’m sorry! I intended to make a great sale. This time I thought that it would undoubtedly sell!!”

Wiz quickly ran from Moi, and hid herself behind the counter.

It seems that she has become frightened of Moi usual punishment.

Seeing that, Moi sighed.

“Careless store owner, you don’t have to be so scared. Moi expected that red digits would be produced during the time that Moi was not here. So you can stop hiding and come out already.”

Towards Wiz who remained as vigilant as a small animal, Moi lightly smiled.

To be honest, being run around by this store owner, and interacting with the strange and depraved citizens of this town was not too bad.

A friendless girl with no friends, a little delinquent girl whose origins were unknown, and a unmarriageable receptionist lady.

In this short period of time, Moi has met many new people.

The source of these encounters was the unreliable friend that brought Moi to this town. At the very least, Moi was slightly grateful.

“Don’t worry, this product will definitely sell in due time. Though this type of large production means we wouldn’t be able to have a monopoly, it would be fine to sell this next summer.”

“But it will expire in half a year…”