Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! – Volume 2, Epilogue

Translator: Skythewood

Editors: Darkdhaos, RavenSlither, Chris S

It had been several days since the battle with the mobile fortress destroyer.

The mood in the Adventurer’s guild was surprisingly joyous today.

It was obvious why everyone was so happy.

The adventurers looked at the guild staff with expectant eyes.

“Kazuma, it feels weird for me to be the one to say this, but I must thank you for protecting this town… I am really grateful…! One day, I will tell you everything about myself, and the reason why I want to protect this town.”

Darkness who was in casual clothing smiled warmly as she said this.

Darkness and I were some distance away from the other adventurers.

I replied to Darkness:

“To be honest, you looked really cool back then.”

When she heard me say that, Darkness was probably imagining how great she looked, not backing down in the face of the destroyer…

“Is, is that so…”

She blushed a little and turn her face away shyly.

I continued saying to the embarrassed Darkness…

“But you were also the one who contributed the least.”


Hearing me say that, Darkness maintained her pose of averting her face and trembled.

“Well, Darkness just stood in front of the town the entire time– I was working hard you know! I broke the barrier and healed Kazuma! And I shared my mana with Megumin!”

Aqua showed up out of nowhere and said to Darkness without any ill intentions.

Darkness shook again when she heard that.

“As for me, I fired two explosion spells in one day, a stellar performance. And the second shot obliterated the destroyer!”

Megumin who also showed up out of nowhere also said without any ill intention, which made Darkness shiver again.

“Kazuma was great too! His command was to the point, defeated a large golem despite some minor mistakes, extracted the Coronatite ore, and provided me with mana…!”

Wiz who suddenly showed up said with absolutely no ill intention. Darkness couldn’t take it anymore and covered her face with her hands.

“Wiz was superb, casting an explosion spell, icing my hand, and even teleporting the Coronatite ore that was about to explode away… The MVP should be Wiz, right?”

After I finished, Darkness who was covering her face started shivering.

“… So, after acting stubborn and talking about protecting the town, what did you do?”

“What is this! This new feeling!… Wahhhh–!”

After teasing Darkness until she squatted down blushing, I felt satisfied–

And the noise in the guild was abruptly silenced.

I lifted my head and saw the reason why it was so quiet.

Appearing before me was a troubled guild staff leading a brunette woman with two knights.

I see, the bounty was larger than defeating the demon king army’s boss, it was a mobile fort that was threatening the town and cities of every country.

So the bounty wasn’t presented by the guild staff, but the knights of this country.

No, they might even try to recruit me to be a knight.

As we were watching with great expectations, that woman looked in my direction.

Her gaze fell directly on me, with serious eyes filled with intense emotion.

That’s right, if I need to use an example…

— Those were sharp eyes as if she was looking at the person who murdered her father.

“Adventurer Kazuma Satou! You are under arrest for the crime of treason! Come with us!”



Kazuma:「Criminal Offence: Sending explosives to the lord of the land, attemped assassination」!?… Eh!? I am under arrest?

Aqua:Wait a minute, Kazuma didn’t do anything!!

Megumin:That’s right, he is innocent!

Wiz:Is there any evidence?

Kazuma:… Hmm!? There’s more on the back… 「Witness testimony: Setting up a barrier in the cemetery, causing evil spirits to run rampant in town」.


Kazuma:「Casting explosion spell outside the town for no reason」.


Kazuma:「He was seen using skills unique to undead monsters」.


Kazuma:… The lot of you, take responsibility for this! Hurry up and save me!

Darkness:– Sorry I’m late, Kazuma. Can we put this case on hold?!

Gifting the wonderful world with blessings! 3 They are calling for you, Darkness-san.

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Age: unknown Job: Arch Priest

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I am Eris, patron goddess of the national religion worshiped by everyone in this alternate world. Starting from this volume, I will be taking over Aqua Senpai as the main character 。

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