Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! – Volume 4, Prologue

It warmed my heart looking at the gentle flames in the fireplace.

I watched the fire while slouching onto a couch and wearing a comfy cotton robe.

Someone offered a teacup to me gracefully.

“The red tea of the highest grade is ready, Kazuma-san.”

Aqua who passed the red tea to me said as she sat beside me.

I took a sip…

“… This is plain water.”

“Ara ara, look how clumsy I am. My apologies, Kazuma-san.”

“Don’t worry, you can just make another pot of tea. Thank you Aqua-san. I will drink this anyway.”

Now that I think of it, Aqua could purify any liquid she touched.

She must have turned it into plain water accidentally while brewing the tea.

With my current stable state of mind, I won’t get angry over this trivial matter.

Sipping the warm water, a warmth spread through my body.


So people can be so harmonious if they become rich.

I smiled as I looked at Aqua who was reading a book titled ‘Language used by high class society even a goblin can learn’.

And bring the tea Aqua brewed again to my lips.

— It is still plain water, but my current self won’t feel angry over trivial things like this.