Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! – Volume 5, Chapter 3

Making a temporary stop in this village that makes my balls hurt!


 Translator: Skythewood

Editor: Darkdhaos, TaintedDreams, Nate

Part 1

“Well then, we will resume our security patrol.”

Buzucoily said and pulled away from us.

Then the three of them gathered together and started chanting something…!

“Goodbye then!”

After chanting their spell softly, Buzucoily’s group vanished just like that.

Amazing, they felt like real wizards.

Did they return to the battlefield with teleport…!

“I think these guys are cool. Like a group of combat experts.”

I stared at the spot where they disappeared and said respectfully.

“Is that so, the four of them must be smiling gleefully nearby after hearing that.”

Megumin who was being supported by me said…

“… Nearby? Didn’t they leave via teleport?”

It was Yunyun who spoke this time.

“They turned invisible by using light refraction. Teleport consumes a lot of mana, they will run out if they use it so frequently after a battle. I think they just want to show off a cool exit… it hurts!”

Suddenly, a pebble flew from the spot they were standing in and hit the head of Yunyun who hadn’t finished speaking.

As if to warn her not to say too much.

… So they were there.

“On the side note, light refraction magic deploys a barrier a few meters around a specific person or object, obscuring the view of the inside of the barrier from the outside… And so, you can see them if you go nearer.”

Aqua took a step forward silently when she heard Megumin’s casual explanation.


Something backed away with a gasp.

Aqua stared in that direction without moving when she heard that…



Suddenly, Aqua charged forward.

“!?” x4

The sound of multiple people running away could be heard.

Don’t, don’t do that…

Leaving Aqua who was chasing something invisible with a bright smile on her face, we entered the village.

Anyway, in order to understand the situation, we need to go to Yunyun’s home.

Aqua probably got tired of chasing them around and rejoined us.

“Say, these guys are really something. I can’t catch them even with my speed.”

To think Aqua whose stats were all high except for brains and luck couldn’t catch them.

The way they made their exit was a bit off, but I remembered they called themselves the ‘anti-demon king army guerrilla unit’.

They must be the elite of the Home of the Crimson Magic.

But Megumin, dealt to my impression of them…

“They ran away by doping with body strengthening magic. I don’t think that group of NEETs who laze around at home would have such stamina.”

… Which was shattered by words I couldn’t ignore.

“… NEET group? No, aren’t they the anti-demon king army guerrilla unit? They left because they have to perform patrols.”

In response to my query,

“They are idle people who can’t leave their parents or find jobs. If they go to other cities as adventurers, they would be in high demand, but they refuse to leave the village. Idling around all day with nothing to do, in order to not let others think they were just lazing around, they claim to be the anti-demon king army guerrilla unit and wander around the vicinity of the village.”

Megumin told me something I really didn’t want to know.

What did that mean?

Even the specs of NEET were that high?

As if she could tell what I was thinking, Yunyun said:

“All members of the Crimson Magic race could learn advance magic in adulthood. Everyone in the village are Archwizards. After learning advance magic, we will master all kinds of spells with the skill points we earned. This is common sense…”

She said as she glanced at Megumin.

Megumin ignored her gaze as if this had nothing to do with her, looking around the home village she was so familiar with.

The Home of the Crimson Magic was a village sized settlement.

The faces of the Crimson Magic residents weren’t tense at all. Maybe it was because of the gentle sun in spring, there were people yawning casually.

To be frank, it didn’t seem like they were fighting with the demon king…

“… Eh, this griffon statue looks so realistic. Is that a work of a famous sculptor?”

Darkness said suddenly as he pay on the statue right in front of the village entrance.

I see, the griffon was so real that I thought that it might move any moment now…

“That is a Griffon who wandered into the village and got petrified. It looks cool, so it was preserved as a scenic attraction. And now, it is mainly used as a landmark to meet up with people.”

What, what a reckless attraction.

After hearing what Megumin said, Aqua was curious about the statue and started chanting something while placing her hand on it.

“… What magic are you planning to use?”

“A spell to cure abnormal status. I have never seen a life griffon before.”

After we restrained Aqua, we went to Yunyun’s home to understand the situation.

Part 2

— A large mansion in the middle of the village.

The middle aged man sitting opposite them on the couch burrowed his brows.

After entering the reception room of the village chief, we learned from the middle aged man before us, Yunyun’s father, the impactful truth.

“No, that is just a letter to my daughter about how I have been doing. I caught a little carried away when writing it. My Crimson Magic bloodlines make it impossible for me to write normal letters…”

“I don’t really understand that.”


I immediately retorted the village chief, while Yunyun besides me was still stunned.

“… Eh? Erm, Da, Dad? Well, I am happy you that you are okay dad, but can you explain it in detail? First of all, at the beginning of the letter you wrote ‘By the time you receive this letter, I probably have already passed on from this world’…”

“Isn’t that the standard greeting for the Crimson Magic race? Didn’t you learn that in school?… Ah, now that you mentioned it, Megumin and you graduated early because your results were excellent.”

“… And the part about unable to break through the military base built by the demon king army…”

“Ahh, that part? Those guys built a very extravagant base. Should we destroy it or keep it as a new scenic attraction? We couldn’t decide.”

“Hey Yunyun. Can I punch your father?”

“Go ahead.”


Darkness raised a question to the shocked village chief.

“… Hmm? Wait, so the demon king army did build a military base here. So the part about the ‘boss of the demon king army coming’ is…”

“That’s correct, it is as stated on the letter, they sent a boss with high magic resistance here. Right right, it is almost time. If you are free, want to come take a look?”

The village chief invited us casually and at this moment—

“Demon king army alert, demon king army alert. Everyone who is free please gather before the Griffon statue at the village entrance. We have visuals of the enemy, they number about a thousand.”

The broadcast echoed throughout the village with the ringing of the bells.

“One thousand!?” x2

Darkness and I exclaimed loudly, while the three Crimson Magic clansmen was calm as usual.

Didn’t they hear the number ‘a thousand’?

From the scale of this settlement, there were at most three hundred villagers.

What was with their easy attitude in the force of the demon king army that outnumbers them three to one?

“A thousand soldiers of the demon king army. Seems like it is time to show the real power of a goddess.”

It was rare to see Aqua drinking tea so obediently when she suddenly said that.

I think the Home of the Crimson Magic was a bad influence on her.

Please don’t do anything stupid.

Turning towards Darkness who was preparing for battle in a panic, Megumin said in a calm voice.

“Don’t fret, this is the village of powerful mages, the Home of the Crimson. Let’s go and take a look, shall we?”

Part 3

… Amazing.

“Wahh!! Uwahhhhh!!”

“Sylvia-sama! Sylvia-sama!! Please retreat! Please retreat— Even if it is just you!”

“Damn, damn it! We can take our revenge if we are a little bit closer to these vermin…!”

“That’s why I object the attacking the Home of the Crimson Magic, that’s why I didn’t want to come…!”

Before they even reach the entrance to the village, the minions of the demon king fell one after another.

Compared to the thousand men strong enemy, we only had fifty odd people on our side.

Those fifty odd Crimson Magic clansmen…

“Lightning Strike!”

“Energy Ignition!”

“Freeze Gust!”

“Cursed Lightning!”

They pelted the vanguard of the demon king army with a rain of merciless high level spells.

“Amazing… It feels terrifying for them to be so powerful…”

This was no longer a battle, not a one-sided massacre.

Some of the demon king army soldiers were struck by lightning that descended from the sky while others burst into flames spontaneously.

There were ones that turned into ice sculpture after being engulfed by white fog and those with a hole blasted in their chest by dark lightning.

… At this moment, the army parted in the middle and a beautiful lady in a dress walked forth.

“Everyone! I will block them from the front so follow me! The gap between casting two high levels spell is large. Let’s use this chance…!”

Was that beautiful person the boss of the demon king army?

Wearing a low cut dress, she looked like a tall beauty at a glance.

The blue earring on her right ear was sparkling, which contrasted with her luscious dress and gave her a pure image.

A man and a woman walked forward as if to oppose her.

I saw that man before.

He was Buzucoily who gave us a lift here.

Buzucoily’s eyes shone and he put both hands before him.

After knowing Megumin for so I long, I know very well.

When the eyes of the Crimson Magic shone, it meant they were very hyped up…


Or they were channelling large amount of mana to activate powerful spells.

Buzucoily unleashed a colossal tornado into the midst of the demon king army.

A huge number of troops were thrown helplessly into the air.

They would probably die after they crash onto the ground.

At the same time, the eyes of the pretty lady besides Buzucoily also shone, and she reached forth with her left hand.

She had a weapon in her right hand, which was rare among the Crimson Magic.

Looking closely, it was a wooden sword with a dragon engraving on it.

Since the one holding it was a Crimson Magic race, so that was probably a magical weapon.

With her left hand extended, the lady swung the wooden sword in her right hand.


In the midst of the tornado, a storm of powerful flames appeared!

Part 4

After spectating the battle of the Crimson Magic, we decided to go to Megumin’s home.

Yunyun said she wanted to deliver punishment to her friend Arue who sent that letter and went off.

I thought back about the magic I saw earlier and said:

“Ara~ what a show. So that’s the real Crimson Magic race huh.”

“When you say real, you are implying there are fakes. Hey, tell me where are the fake Crimson Magic race.”

As I supported Megumin who looked as if she was about to bite, we came to a small wooden cottage.

How should I put this. It was impolite to say this, but it seemed much more run down than normal families.

Maybe Megumin was tired from exhausting her mana, she knocked the door with a face of fatigue.

A short while later, the soft sound of someone running came from inside.

The door into the house was opened gently.

A little girl who looked very much like Megumin, about grade school age came out.

“Oh, Megumin’s sister huh? Such a cute kid.”

Darkness smiled brilliantly.

“It feels like a mini Megumin. Nah, little Megumin, want some sweets?”

Aqua took out sweets from somewhere…

“Komekko, I am home. Have you been a good girl?”

Megumin said to the child gently while leaning on my shoulder.


That Buzucoily just now too, I am probably numbed to this and didn’t retort the names of the Crimson Magic clansmen.

Komekko turned stiff as she stared at Megumin.

This must be a touching reunion.

Komekko widened her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Dad! Sis brought a man back with her!”

“Wait Imouto-chan, please like big brother explain!”

Part 5

“Watch closely. The mug I placed upside down on the low table will move around like so!”

“Amazing! Amazing!! How did you do that? Nah, how? Blue hair onee-san, how did you do that!?”

“It’s magnet! It must be moved by the magnets under the table! Right? Am I right, Aqua!?”

The living room in Megumin’s house.

Aqua was performing a show with a glass.

Darkness and Komekko were watching attentively.

Darkness’ guess of magnet was right.

The mug moved by Aqua was metallic.

By using magnets under the table, she could move it…

I speculate the gimmicks behind it as I listened to their conversation. After peeking their way, I was momentarily speechless.

Aqua was sitting properly in the middle of the living room with both hands on her knees.

Just by staring at the mug on the table, she could move it around freely.


What was happening? I started doubting my own eyes. While I was focusing that way…

“Ah— …! Cough cough!”

The person before me coughed dryly.

Oh no!

I was sitting on the rug in the living room by an oppressive atmosphere, and before me was Megumin’s father who was staring at me with a stern expression.

At a glance, he looked like a normal middle aged man with black hair, but his sharp eyes had been emitting an oppressive pressure since just now.

He was Megumin’s father whose name I have heard before, Hyoizaburo.

“… Thanks for taking care of my daughter. I express my sincere gratitude for that.”

Hyoizaburo said as he bowed lightly to me.

Besides him was a beautiful lady who resembles Megumin, with a head of black hair and slight wrinkles on the corner of her lips and eyes.

“My daughter has troubled you much… I learned much about Kazuma-san from the letters she sent back… So we know you quite well…”

Megumin’s mother, Yuiyui-san bowed deeply towards me.

What should I do?

I sent begrudging glances at the one who should be picking up the mess.

Megumin exhausted her mana because of that explosion spell, and was sleeping in the set of beddings in the corner.

After looking emotionally at Megumin for a moment, Hyoizaburo stiffened his face and asked:

“… Well then. What is your relationship with my daughter?”

He asked me the same question for the third time.

“… I already said many times, we are just normal friends and comrades.”

After Hyoizaburo heard that, he looked as if he couldn’t bear it anymore, moving quickly to the table where Aqua was performing and reached out.

“What did you sayyyyyyyy!!”

“Hubbyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Stop! Don’t flip and damage the table! Our finance is really tight this monthhhhh!”

There were many weird people among the Crimson Magic.

— Hyoizaburo sipped the tea his wife made for him and sigh.

“Pardon me, I was too agitated. All because you keep playing dumb and say you were just friends.”

I swallowed my words ‘We are really just friends’ back, and took something out to change the topic.

Those were snacks I bought in Alcanretia after the hot spring trip there a few days earlier.

I didn’t have a chance to take them out yet as we set off from axel immediately after coming back.

“This is… just a simple gift for your hospitality…”

At that instant, Hyoizaburo and his wife grabbed the package I was handing over at the same time.

“… My dear, this is a gift from Kazuma-san to me. Let go.”

“Ara ara, really now hubby. You were just addressing him rudely as ‘you’, and you suddenly change it to ‘Kazuma-san’ after seeing the gift, just how thick skinned are you? This will be dinner tonight, I won’t let you eat it as snacks for your wine, alright?”

The madam made a joke I couldn’t laugh at.

No, those were just buns. You can’t eat that for dinner or as snacks to complement wine.

I endured my urge to retort, and Komekko cheered.

“Food!? Nah, that is solid food right!? Not porridge so thin you can’t even see the rice, but something that will make you full!?”

… I took out all the rations in my backpack and spread them before me in silence.

“Really… It isn’t much…”

“You came at the right time Kazuma-san! My dear, serve him our best tea!”

“There is only one type of tea in the house, I will brew some over, a moment please!”

— As I drinking the tea prepared by madam, Komekko held the buns I brought in each hand, stuffing it into her mouth like a squirrel.

Komekko chewed quietly as she stared intently at my profile.

Komekko looked at the two buns in her hands, gulped, and…

“… For you. It tastes good.”

She offered me the bun she wasn’t eating.

Komekko stared hungrily at the bun she was offering.

“Komekko, don’t get any closer! Come to Onee-san, quick!”

“That’s right Komekko! That man always plays obscene pranks on your sister. Come here before he lay his claws on you!”

Komekko looked at me with her head tilted despite what Aqua and Darkness were saying.

I will punish them later… Komekko was really an angel.

“Thank you, Komekko can have it. Onii-san is already full.”

When she heard that, Komekko said ‘I see!’ and sat beside me, munching on her buns again.

I smiled when I saw such a cute scene.

Hyoizaburo said to me with a serious face.

“… No matter how much food you bring, I won’t give you Komekko!”

“That’s a misunderstanding! Please don’t listen to those two!”

Aqua sneaked to my side as I desperately tried to explain and grabbed Komekko away as if she was trying to protect her from me.

… I will remember this, you two.

Komekko paid no heed to being grabbed and taken away by Aqua, munching on her buns and letting Aqua do as she please.

Finally, the madam smiled warmly at me as I was drinking tea and said:

“By the way, I heard Kazuma-san has a huge amount of debt isn’t it? I won’t object since I feel that Kazuma-san is a good person… But if you want to be with our daughter, shouldn’t you do so after clearing your debts…?”

I spit the tea in my mouth out.

“What do you mean by ‘be with your daughter’!? Didn’t I explain that we are just friends!?”

In response to my strong response, the madam looked at me confusedly:

“From the letters sent by my daughter, I think the two of you are really close right…?”

“No, wait, may I ask what was written on the letters?”

I calmed down and looked at Hyoizaburo and madam in the face.

The madam finally spoke:

“For example…”

Admiring the scene of my daughter being covered in goo.

Saying things like ‘did your bust grow bigger’ while piggybacking my daughter.

Bathing together with my daughter.

When my daughter was napping defenceless on the couch, you will squat down with your hands on your knees to peek under her skirt.

When feeding Chomusuke, you will put panties before him and say ‘listen up, it looks like this, if you can steal this for me, I will treat you to better food’, teaching him to do bad things.

“… And so, your relationship is so close that sexual harassment becomes commonplace…”

When I heard that, I got on my knees and prostrated myself before Megumin’s parents.

Hyoizaburo continued after his wife—

“Even so, my daughter still thinks you are an important comrade she couldn’t just ignore. She even wrote that even though you are a pervert full of debt with poor combat skills, vulgar language and lacks common sense, she couldn’t leave you alone because you will die easily if she doesn’t keep an eye on you. My daughter already said this much, I think there must be something…”

He said with a heavy heart.

There were many parts that were strange, but I was happy that she thinks of me as an important comrade.

That’s right, our bonds were strong enough to accommodate each other’s flaws, just hearing her badmouthing me would not shake the trust I have in her…

“According to my daughter, she is the main damage dealer in Kazuma-san’s team, the team won’t be able to function without her. And she was the one who defeated the demon king army boss Vanir, forced another boss out from his castle by bombarding his castle every day, and made huge contributions in subjugating that boss…”

… Eh, that’s not wrong.

We defeated the boss Hans recently too, but we were not so dependent on Megumin that the team won’t be able to function without her…

“Hmm. And she was the one to deal the final blow to the mobile fortress destroyer! Ara, my daughter really made a name for herself!”

Continuing from where his wife left off, Hyoizaburo added happily…

It’s not wrong, but…

I glanced at Megumin who was sleeping soundly.

Megumin who was breathing deeply turned her back on me…

Was she actually awake?

The madam looked at me with suspicious eyes while I watch Megumin—

“The letter also state many things about you and your comrades… Well, do you still have a lot of debts? This concern the team my daughter is in. We want to help too, but my family is not that well off…”

She said apologetically…

“Ahh, no, the debt has already been cleared. I should be able to get a large amount of money after this trip, so there is no problems, don’t worry.”

After hearing what I blurted out by accident, Hyoizaburo reacted strongly.

“… Oh. Pray tell how much you will be getting…”

Feeling a bit nervous in Megumin’s home, I didn’t question too much and answered truthfully.

“About three hundred million Eris.”

Three hundred million!?” x2

… Hmm? Did I say something unnecessary?

Hyoizaburo came close to me.

And smiled gently as he clapped his hands.

“Ahh, Kazuma-san, that’s right, how about staying here for the night? You are my daughter’s comrade, we have to treat you well! How about staying here from now on!? As an adventurer, you are probably wandering around without a fixed home right!?”

“Yes! Komekko, sleep with me and dad in the living room tonight! Those two can just sleep in our room! But our house is small, so there is only our room and Megumin’s old room… It’s a bit cramp for so many people to stay here… Nah, Hubby, how about re…”

I was terrified by the incredible words of the two of them—

“No, no need… I, well, have a mansion in Axel…”

— And told them this fact timidly.

Mansion!!” x2

Oh no.

I shift my gaze from the glowing eyes of these two and seek help from Darkness and Aqua…

“Next! Something amazing will come out from this box!”

“Something will definitely jump out when she opens it! That’s definitely it, Komekko!”

“Amazing! Amazing!”

The three of them seemed rather busy.

Part 6

It was already evening, but Megumin was still sleeping soundly.

That was to be expected.

She might be the most down to earth person in the team, but she was just fourteen.

Right after finishing the trip to Alcanretia, she came on this journey right away and exhausted all her mana with her explosion spell.

And her family who she had not met for so long…

“Mum! Meat! Meat!”

“My dear, I hear that vegetables are good for your skin, so leave the meat to me. I wish for you to be beautiful forever!”

“Ara ara, hubby, your hair is thinning, eating the seaweed salad should be enough for you!”

… were not concerned at all about their soundly sleeping daughter, the family fought to eat the ingredients I bought.

Dinner was hotpot.

Aqua sipped on the wine I bought together with the ingredients, while Darkness seemed a bit nervous, maybe it was her first time eating together with everyone at a short table.

She glanced at me from time to time, checking if her manners were proper as she ate gracefully.

Komekko finally ate finished and said with sparkling eyes.

“Nah, Dad, Mum! The blue hair Onee-san is amazing! She made a big Neroid come out from a small box!”

That piqued my curiousity.

Darkness noticed that I was listening to this conversation.

“It was amazing, Kazuma, something physically impossible happened. A Neroid physically larger than the box came out, and flew away through the window. I had been thinking about that all this while…”

When I heard that, I told Aqua who was drinking wine happily:

“… Say, this has been bothering me for a while now, can I watch your tricks carefully?”

“Don’t wanna. Performance are not done by request, I will do so only when I feel like hyped up. If you want to see it no matter what, then prepare a party setting that would make me want to perform.”

She said while nimbly squeezing peas out of a pea pods with one hand and flicked it onto my lips.

“How dumb… I already aimed for your mouth, so catch it properly… Stop, stop! You don’t even drink much, don’t take all of my peapods!”

Dinner was harmonious.

It gave me nostalgia of my time in Japan eating together with my family, making me forget my nervousness of camping out these few days and enjoy a proper meal happily.

— It happened when I was returning to the living room after my bath.

“What nonsense is this!? Aren’t you concerned about your daughter!? What you are doing is sending a delicious lamp into the cage of a beast that had been starved for a week!”

Aqua and the others bathed before me, so I was last. The sound of Darkness’ accusations.

What were they arguing about? I peeked inside and saw Hyoizaburo lying in the middle of the living room snoring.

He was still awake when I took my bath, wasn’t that a bit too fast?

I don’t see Aqua anywhere, she probably went into the room she was assigned to sleep.

“Even if you say that… They have been living under the same roof all this while, and nothing went wrong correct? Then there are no problems. My daughter is of marriageable age, and Kazuma-san is a sensible adult… Even if something did happen, wouldn’t that mean both parties are willing? If that is the case, I can’t say anything even if I am a parent.”

Seemed like Darkness was protesting letting me sleep with Megumin.

I am fine with sleeping anywhere though.

A devious smile appeared on madam’s face.

“… By the way, Darkness-san, why are you so against this? Would it be inconvenient for you if Kazuma-san sleeps together with my daughter?”

She asked something I am a little concerned about…

“Huh!? That’s like saying I am jealous, it feels unpleasant, please don’t say that…”

… Hmm.

“Is, is that so, my apologies. I seemed to be mistaken. But it would be too cramped to move my daughter to the other room. If no one sleeps in the same room as Kazuma-san…”

Darkness said to Madam:

“Just let Hyoizaburo-san sleep with Kazuma, problem solved.”


After hearing Darkness’ logical statement, Madam was surprised.

No, that was a good way, but couldn’t you read the mood…

“That is not lewd at all— Eh, no, from what I understand about my daughter’s letter, letting Komekko sleep with him is out of the question, and I feel uneasy if the head of the family do that too…”

Hey Madam, what did you say? What kind of person did you think I am?

I will ask them to let me see all the letters Megumin sent them tomorrow.

Darkness seemed to be getting excited as she exclaimed loudly—

“In that case…! I will sleep besides him! If it is me, even if that beast tried anything, I will definitely resist to the end…! No, maybe resistance would be futile, and I would become a playtime for his abnormal lust and do something incredible. That, that’s right, he must have accumulated a lot of lust during this journey. He even stayed up all night! I heard that boys would become agitated after staying up all night…! He might forcefully press me down despite my resistance, cover my mouth and say to me threatening ‘you will wake Komekko, keep quiet unless you want everyone to hear this’ and…”


Madam chanted her spell and Darkness who kept rumbling on collapsed.

How fierce.

… I unconsciously looked at Hyoizaburo who showed no signs of waking up in this din.

Could it be, Hyoizaburo was also…

Suddenly, Madam noticed me peeking into the living room, and picked up Komekko who was dozing off with one hand.

“Ara, Kazuma-san. Just finished your bath? Darkness-san fell asleep, could you help me carry her to the room?”

She said with a smile.

Part 7

“You have been a great help. Darkness-san must be tired from her tough journey, and won’t wake before morning. My husband, Komekko and me are all deep sleepers, so we won’t wake even if it is a bit noisy… Kazuma-san, you must be tired, do retire early for today.”

Madam said as she forcefully pushed me into the room Megumin was sleeping in.

“Eh, well… I won’t hold back and sleep… Just to let you know, I have known Megumin for a long time so there won’t be any accidents alright? Please don’t believe what that pervert crusader who had been holding it in said.”

“I know, I know, so no problems! If something does happen, you will take responsibility properly…!”

You don’t get it at all, Madam.

I was pushed into Megumin’s room.

“Both of you, enjoy yourself…!”

I heard Madam uttered behind me.

I shrug and looked into the dim room.

Sleeping in the middle of the room was Megumin, who was brought in while I wasn’t paying attention.

Just from her sleeping posture, Megumin looked really pretty.

The dash of gentle moonlight shining through the windows illuminated Megumin’s sleeping face.

Seeing her luscious black hair, I felt a strange attraction between the two of us…

… I lost myself looking at her.

Being attracted by Megumin who I have gotten used to might be the result of the psychological trauma those orcs left on me.

After I return to town, I will ask the succubus onee-sans to heal my soul.

It was tiring for me too, I should sleep early.

… At this moment.


I heard this sound coming from outside.

That’s probably Madam locking the door with magic.

It was my fault for spilling the money I would be getting, but Madam was really pulling all the stops.

Even when her daughter already wrote so much about this man, was it really fine for a parent to act like this?

She seemed really confident in her female instinct and judgment of people.

… Forget it, I will just sleep.

Stopping my train of thought, I surveyed the cramped room restlessly and realized.

Aside from the bedding Megumin was in, there was no other place for me to sleep.

Part 8

I stood there stiffly for a moment under the dim illumination of the moonlight.

Before me was Megumin deep in slumber.

There was just the two of us in the room right now.

Aqua who was drinking had fallen asleep, Hyoizaburo who might interfere had been knocked out by Madam.

… Also, no one could exit the room since the door was locked by magic from the outside.

It was a feast laid right before me.

Only one set of bedding in the room.

It may be spring, but the weather was still cold.

Even if we were indoors, we might catch a cold if we don’t use a blanket.

What if the flu worsens and led to pneumonia?

I heard that healing spells couldn’t cure disease in this world.

Dying from illness was viewed as death from natural causes, and resurrection wouldn’t work.

Which meant that dying from illness was worse than falling in battle, a cold was a terrifying thing.

And so, there was no problem with me snuggling into the bedding with Megumin…


I pondered about it for a moment.

If I do anything to Megumin who was asleep, I wouldn’t be able to deny Darkness and Aqua if they accused me of being a demon and an evil natured being.

I am a gentleman, not someone like that.

But the situation right now was that I had the blessings of both her parents.

If that was so, I would win the court case even if Megumin was to sue.

No no no, could I really win?

Anyway, how does the judicial system in this world works?

Damn it, I should learn the laws of this world seriously!

If I knew…

No, that’s not it.

Thinking about what I should do if I was sued, the logic was wrong.

No way, this situation was making me panic too.

Calm down, I need to calm down, Satou Kazuma, calm down and think!

No matter how I see it, the nights in spring were very cold.

I couldn’t think in such a cold condition, allow me to snuggle in the beddings to regain my composure.

Careful not to wake Megumin, I cautiously got inside the bedding, feeling Megumin’s warmth and peaceful breathing besides me as I think…



What a cunning trap, I was sleeping besides Megumin before I realized it.

I was about to get up when I noticed.

What would I do next after rushing out of the bedding?

If I did that, I would definitely wake Megumin right?

And then, it would be just like the typical development in manga and anime.

That’s right, it would be the beginning of my sentencing trial I have no hope of defending.

If that happens, even if I argue I was set up by the parents and didn’t do anything, no one would listen.

How unjust.

Just like the sentencing of an innocent man accused of being a pervert on a train.

I won’t make the same mistakes as my predecessors.

Since I knew I would be treated unreasonably despite not doing anything…!

— Going by this logic in reverse, I chose to make this not a crime.

Megumin’s steady breath blew into my ear.

Oh no, my heartbeat was rising.

I was going to do something incredible right now.

However, I am not a holy man without lust, but a sexually frustrated man you could find anywhere.

Allowing a healthy boy to sleep in the same boy with a pretty girl, something would definitely happen.

Most importantly it was Megumin’s parent who set up this situation.

It’s okay, I can win.

With so many things going for me, even if I face Sena in the trial, I will definitely win…!

When I was making up my mind to put my thoughts into action.

Megumin opened her eyes wide, looking at me with sleepy eyes as if she wanted to grasp the situation.

“Morning. Did you sleep well?”

“Hmmm… Morning Kazuma… Erm, how long did I sleep…?”

It was already midnight.

It wasn’t too late into the night yet, but it had been about eight hours since Megumin said she would sleep for a while and fell into deep slumber.

“I see…”

After that, she suddenly reacted to the situation she was in.

“… So, why am I sleeping in the same bedding as Kazuma?”

She said as she stared at the ceiling.

I looked up at the same ceiling and said.

“… Don’t make me say it, it’s embarrassing.”

“What did you say!?”

Megumin jumped when she heard my words.

“Hey, don’t pull the blankets, it’s cold. Calm down first.”

“Why are you so calm!? The first thing I noticed after waking up was that I was sleeping with Kazuma in my nostalgic room!? How can I stay calm…!”

Megumin said as she charged out of the blanket and patted her own body.

She seemed to be checking if anything was done to her.

She then breathed a sigh of relief…

“Hey, you really think I am a lowlife who will do something to you while you were sleeping? I had been wondering for a while now, what do you all think I am? We have been living in the same mansion for over a year now and nothing happened right? Darkness too, treating me like some sort of beast when she heard I would be sleeping with Megumin.”

I pulled back the blanket that was opened when Megumin got out. It was cold, so I only showed my face from the blanket.

In response, Megumin answered awkwardly.

“… Ugh. You, you… have a point, sorry… I’m a bit confused seeing this straight after waking up… you, you are right, Kazuma might sexually harass others when you crack jokes, but is not someone who will do it for real.”

Megumin said as she smiled and relaxed.

I maintained my position of keeping only my head out of the blanket and said to Megumin:

“Of course, don’t look down on me. After all, your mother was the one who pushed me into this room. She even locked it with a spell, so I have no choice but to hide in the blanket.”

Megumin sighed deeply when she heard that.

She seemed to be expressing that she finally understood the situation.

“Really, she…”

She muttered in a relaxed voice. I opened the blanket for her, patting the space besides me.

“That’s how it is. It’s cold outside, so get in. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything.”

Megumin’s expression stiffened when she heard that.

She lowered her head and said in a disappointed tone—

“… You really won’t do anything? It’s just the two of us here.”

She said something that stirred my imagination.


What, what is this? Is it fine to do something?

Holding my hand when we were camping outside and the current situation, spring has come!

I immediately dismiss what I just said.

“Don’t be stupid, it’s such a rare chance for the two of us to be alone, how can I not do anything! I have even gotten permission from your parent!”

Megumin dashed for the window when she heard that.

“I knew that would happen! I will sleep over at Yunyun’s place tonight!!”

“Ahh!? Damn, it’s a trap!!”

Megumin leapt out of the room through the window and disappeared into the night.