Shaved Update & A Summary of Sword Art Online Volume 21: Unital Ring, Chapter 2

I’ve been reading SAO in my free time and got nagged into writing a summary. If you’re here for the summary click the link below, if not, read on.

Link to Summary

Random summary aside, here’s what’s happening with Shaved.

  • The editor Yuuki will be busy for a while with work and exams.
  • The chapter is longer than usual at over 5000 words, editing is about 3000 words through.
  • Estimated release of next chapter around Christmas.
  • Chapter after that is estimated to be mid-January.
  • I’ll also be busy for the next week with exams as well, but I’ll release when editing is complete.
  • Once Yuuki frees up, I’ll discuss internally whether catching up with weekly releases is an option.
  • yuNS TL will be working with Striptease Scans for the Shaved manga.

[Status] I Shaved. Then I Made an Update Post.

Editing is halfway done for Chapter 7. Will get it out ASAP. Thanks friends.

Few things to say, regarding both the manga and the light novel for “I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home.”.

  • The light novel will be temporarily changing from Friday releases to weekend releases. This is because the editor, Yuuki, is busy with end-of-year work, and doesn’t have time to edit during the weekdays.
  • For the manga, yuNS translations will be working with Striptease Scans to release from chapter 2 onwards! We will also do the the first chapter with the crew as announced on discord, as follows:

As for other series:

  • Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor: Work on Volume 4 will begin after the 1st volume of shaved is complete. In the meantime, I will be working on Konosuba x Akashic between Shaved releases.
  • Fate/PrototypeI will be working on this intermittently.


[Updates] (I Shaved. Then…) The manga has started serialization today! But…

Another group seems to have picked it up already. The scanlation is in good quality (unlike the initial release for combatants), so I’ll try to get in contact with them to see what to do going forward.

Also, it’s Adachi Imaru’s (manga artist for Shaved) birthday today! Must be a nice way for her to commemorate her first official manga release. She was previously a non-H shoujo doujin artist, and you can find her personal site here.

Here’s a collection of countdown art leading to the release (click to expand):
(5 – Hashimoto, 4 – Gotou, 3 – Mishima, 2 – Yoshida, 1 – Sayu)