Announcement: KonoSuba – In the life! Translation Project Completed! & Short Story: Aqua-sensei!

I’m pleased to announce that the KonoSuba! in the life! translation has been completed!

Please visit this page:

Finally please click continue reading for a celebratory short story!

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Akashic Records of the Bastard Magical Instructor – Volume 2, Chapter 2

Hello! yuNS here! And no, I’m not dead (yet).

BIG UPDATE, but feel free to skip it by clicking here

So while I’ve been out, I’ve guest-translated the volume 3 prologue of Valhalla no Bangohan (Valhalla’s Dinner) for mofutranslations. In return, they’ve promised to provide cleaning and typeset for the Akashic Records series’ illustrations. My slackingtranslating-senpai Frozen (translator for Mondaijitachi/Problem Children) has also offered to sharpen those illustrations up as well if necessary.

Another thing is that my raw buyer has offered to purchasing/shipping services for anime merchandise overseas, including blu-rays, DVDs, light novels, artbooks, as well as various limited edition goods. If you’re interested, just quickly answer here.

Now, for readers of KonoSuba, Volume 11 is coming out on May the 1st, that said, it wouldn’t be translated until Continued, Explosions is done.

In other news, the Akashic Records anime has started airing! The Melgarius’ Sky Castle is not quite phantasmal in the anime is it… Also, who is that girl in Glen’s flashback I wonder? Well, I’ve read up to volume 3 and a half and I still don’t know… If you do however, don’t spoil it for anyone, thanks!

Ranting aside, enjoy the chapter!

Celebration art for Episode 1, by light novel artist Mishima Kurone:C8kz8HYV0AA3wcI.jpg
Glen: Well then, even if it’s just my heroics, let’s watch it.
Serika: Hey Glen, I have something important to talk to you about. (Also, turn on the lights would you?)

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Ah, life. How busy you may be. Anyway, I profusely apologize about all the delays and delays to come, college has been busy! As for this week, I have 2 papers and 2 exams, so I’ll be busy! However, fear not, for my spring break is in 2 weeks!

Here’s how it’ll go down, during the week of 3/11 – 3/19, I’ll be spending my whole time catching up on translations in this order:
Akashic: Volume 2, Chapter 2
Akashic: Volume 2, Chapter 3
Gifting: Continued Explosions, Chapter 4
Akashic Volume 2, Chapter 4.

At this point, I’ll be caught up! Wish me luck!

– yuNS