KonoSuba Light Novel Title Quiz

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Figure out the references of the KonoSuba Light novel titles:
1. Ah, My good(dess)-for-nothing
2. Magic, Chuunibyou, and other Delusions.
3. You’re being summoned, Darkness-san
4. Idiotic Quartet
5. Exploding Crimson Demons, Let’s & Go!
6. Princess of the Six Flowers
7.My bride is 110 million
8. Team Axis Cult vs. Team Eris Cult
9. Destiny of Crimson
10. Gamble Scramble
BONUS: What is written on Kazuma’s shirt (that he wears with his tracksuit)?

Answer in the ‘Quiz’ Channel on discord via ping. If you’re confident you have everything you can email me as well! Also, feel free discuss this with others in the quiz channel, just remember to ping me when you submit answers by including @yuNS in your message!

If all the answers are found before 01/22 (a week from now), I will post the Volume 10 Epilogue, Afterwords, and Side Stories whenever it’s ready! (instead of 01/29).