Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor. Volume 4, Interlude II

Continues directly where volume 3 left off.

Anyway, some updates about the Akashic situation:
– This will probably be the last time I redraw the illustrations. If anyone would like to do the redraw them in the future, do contact me. My email re.yun.NS@gmail.com.
– Akashic will release in parts from now on, to ensure more achievable milestones. This volume in particular is hard to get pumped up for because some chapters are in the ballpark of 20-30k words. Which is twice/thrice the length of chapters in earlier volumes. Expect parts to be around 3k-ish words.
– Konosuba x Akashic has 2 parts, one set in Axel (Konosuba) and the other in Alzano (Akashic). I’ll get to those eventually.

akashic vol4 cover