Status Updates and Other Info

TL;DR: For Releases
– Konosuba has been sort-of dropped. I’ll translate the short stories eventually.
– Akashic will aim to release on a monthly cycle (the 1st of each month specifically).
– Fate/Prototype is being translated during Akashic editing cycles. Do not expect frequent releases.

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Rance Series ends today! A brief look at its influences on Konosuba and Kazuma as a character.

You may or may not have heard of the Rance series, but it won’t be wrong to say that it is a cult classic in Japan. It celebrates its 10th and final entry today after a long 29 year history. While the series is something that won’t generally be discussed on the site, I figured that it would be reasonable to very briefly talk about it given its history with Konosuba and – loosely – Fate.

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Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver – Little Lady, Act 1.

Hello World!

A while back, Akashic Records’ chapters were 2 chapters ahead of editing (now 0), and with Konosuba gone, I decided to start a new side project, Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver.

Volume 1 Cover

The chapters for this series are on the shorter side, but the language used and the translation complexity are much higher (in my opinion) compared to Konosuba and Akashic. As some of you might know, this entire site and my translation as a hobby is just a way for myself to improve my Japanese, so I believe this will serve as better practice for myself.

Note that this series may be confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the Fate Universe. I’ll try to add a FAQ for the series later when I have time. 

Also note that this series will only be worked on when the translation of Akashic is ahead of editing, so don’t expect too many releases for this (lol). 

Finally, special thanks to Frozen-senpai for helping with the cleanup of the cover! 

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Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor, Volume 3, Chapter 2


A quick note about the translation of distance units in the Akashic Records series before we start.

In Akashic, the two currently known measurement units that are known are キロス and メトラ, which both debuted in Volume 2. The two convert literally to ‘Kirosu’ and ‘Metora’ respectively. In volume 2, I judged, after also checking with the official Taiwanese localization, that the two were similar enough to be literally converted to ‘Kilos’ (キロ) and ‘Meter’ (メーター), which may or may not be a correct representation of distance.

While not at all significant, I thought it was important to point out the slight differences.

Also an official collaboration between Akashic Records and Konosuba has been announced.

Anyway, without further ado~

Translator: yuNS
Editor: Hocchibi

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Everyday Life in this Wonderful World! – Chapter 5

Merry Christmas!

Small update, but Cannongerbil will be taking over the Konosuba light novels for a while to come. At the very least it’ll be until I catch up on Akashic, which is about 2 or more volumes behind schedule, if we go at 1 chapter per 2 weeks. His translation style is different, but it’s good as it stands, so don’t worry about quality! He’ll be releasing weekly and he has a bunch of chapters stored as well! 

Anyway, here is the chapter! I started on this on Christmas Eve, so it hasn’t been edited yet. (=w=”) Any fixes will come later…

Also, special thanks to Kato again for working on the chapter so close to Christmas (owo)/

Translation: yuNS
Typeset: yuNS
Redraw: Katomon

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