Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor. Volume 4, Interlude II

Continues directly where volume 3 left off.

Anyway, some updates about the Akashic situation:
– This will probably be the last time I redraw the illustrations. If anyone would like to do the redraw them in the future, do contact me. My email re.yun.NS@gmail.com.
– Akashic will release in parts from now on, to ensure more achievable milestones. This volume in particular is hard to get pumped up for because some chapters are in the ballpark of 20-30k words. Which is twice/thrice the length of chapters in earlier volumes. Expect parts to be around 3k-ish words.
– Konosuba x Akashic has 2 parts, one set in Axel (Konosuba) and the other in Alzano (Akashic). I’ll get to those eventually.

akashic vol4 cover


(Release) I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home. Volume 1, Chapter 7.

Merry Day-Before Christmas everyone!

The longest chapter of this volume is finally done (as are my exams)! Special thanks to my editors for getting this done just before the holiday.

Anyway, since one of the editors, Yuuki, has been and will continue to be swarmed by work and exams until mid-January, the next release of shaved (chapter 8) will be on the January the 18th!

Below is the pre-released name/storyboard for the cover page of the manga, do support that as well!


Speaking of which, yuNS Translations group will likely be releasing the first 2 chapters of the manga separately from Striptease Scanlations, instead of just the 1st.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!


Shaved Update & A Summary of Sword Art Online Volume 21: Unital Ring, Chapter 2

I’ve been reading SAO in my free time and got nagged into writing a summary. If you’re here for the summary click the link below, if not, read on.

Link to Summary

Random summary aside, here’s what’s happening with Shaved.

  • The editor Yuuki will be busy for a while with work and exams.
  • The chapter is longer than usual at over 5000 words, editing is about 3000 words through.
  • Estimated release of next chapter around Christmas.
  • Chapter after that is estimated to be mid-January.
  • I’ll also be busy for the next week with exams as well, but I’ll release when editing is complete.
  • Once Yuuki frees up, I’ll discuss internally whether catching up with weekly releases is an option.
  • yuNS TL will be working with Striptease Scans for the Shaved manga.