Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor, Volume 2, Chapter 6

The Infographic for the survey is ‘work in progress’! Also, the final chapter for Akashic is in review before pushing to editing.

Finally, the results of the survey should be reflected in how this chapter reads, as I reviewed the survey before translating this. Enjoy!

Miyuchi is back by the way!

Translator: yuNS
Editors: Miyuchi, Hocchibi

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Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! Volume 11, Chapter 5

yuNS: Now that volume 2 of Akashic is done (without edits yet) Volume 11’s epilogue short stories should follow. After which, I will move on to Cont. Explosion’s short stories (also the reason why it hasn’t been released), which will be followed by volume 12. That being said though, I’m still busy with my summer internship and it’ll probably be a while till I resume a decent translation pace (expect late September, early October). Also, the survey review should be done in one or two days. Ahh, also, I haven’t read a majority of volume 11 (though I’ve read a bit of volume 12) as my free time I’ve been preoccupied with Akashic TL, Toaru Majutsu no Index (as many suggested on the survey to read as a good example of TL), FFXIV (which has been quite fun nice to play), and a certain series that Frozen-senpai introduced the world through his own TL (tabitabitabitabitabi).

Well, my rambling aside, do read Urano’s comment, as there may be a bit of confusion otherwise.

Uranophane: In volume 9 there was a line that said “The explosion magic that you taught me has already reached the stage where I can control it without chanting. My explosion magic is stronger than anyone else’s.” Instead of being able to bypass chanting altogether, the author may have meant that Megumin can now cast Explosion without chanting aloud while still needing time to mentally chant the spell. Also, the terms “great” and “powerful” from Komekko’s dialogue both originate from the same word; “powerful” was used here instead because “great” was too vague for Komekko’s intents and purposes.

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Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! – Volume 11, Chapter 4

yuNS: Do read Urano’s comments ^^

Uranophane: A lot of things to say this chapter:

In chapter 3, due to a bug with Google Docs, commented words were not copied into WordPress, resulting in the omission of certain words. “Your *daddy* was so irresponsible” was only one of the several sentences that were affected. All of the bugs have been fixed.

Some people were complaining about the use of slangs. The way I handle them is: if the source material uses slangs, then I will try to also include English slangs in the translation. I do not insert slangs unless the source uses them.

Some lines have been truncated/rewritten in this chapter because they were repetitive verbatim and do not contribute to the story.

All instances of “Crimson Magic” (紅魔) will now be translated as “Crimson Demon”. The reason being the character “”, when used alone, more often means “demon” or “devil” than “magic” (which is 魔法). For example, “紅魔郷” from the Touhou series was translated to “Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil”.

By the time you read this, the rough translation work for the whole volume (excluding short stories) will have been completed. Since there is a time gap between when a chapter is translated versus when it is fully edited, I will say my closing comments right here. It has been one hell of a ride; I started this translation project for fun when I saw the thirsty state of the Konosuba LN community, thinking that it would be primarily done by yuNS-senpai whereas I would only have to do some silly translating to cut him some slack. Boy did it escalate quickly when yuNS said that he didn’t have time for Konosuba! After finishing off Ch. 1 Pt. 1, yuNS handed the whole project over to me, and I knew I had to view this from a new perspective. Instead of rushing through an entire chapter in one day, I now have to carefully think about how each sentence might affect the plot as well as the tone that it was designed to convey. I still have work to do on finding a balance between accuracy and comedy on certain lines; so, sorry if some jokes flew over your heads. Volume 12 has just been released; however, due to real life, it is highly unlikely that I will work on translating it. You may safely assume that yuNS will be the main translator behind volume 12. It has been fun; enjoy the chapter.

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[SEEKING HELP] Buying first-print editions for Konosuba Volume 12! (For short stories)

Update: I’ve found someone! Thanks for spreading the word! =w=!

While I’ve managed to secure the blu-ray edition of volume 12 along with the associated side-story (pictured below), I’m looking for someone to help to purchase the first-print editions of the standard release coming out next week (delivered to Ikebukuro district, Tokyo)! (7/30 onwards: to clarify, I’m looking for someone to buy and deliver/hold onto the books until I get to Japan late August)

If you’re willing to help, possible thanks and repayment methods include, but are not limited to:
– Access to unedited chapters of Continued, Explosions, Volume 11, and Volume 12! (The prologue of which is actually done translating \o/)
– Monetary repayments for costs of purchasing
– Sneak peek at untranslated content via images/text and whatnot!

CONTACT:     re.yun.ns@gmail.com     or     on discord

Thanks a lot!