KonoSuba Volume 12 Covers!

Standard Edition Cover
DCWaH7bUIAEXP52Something something where is volume 11!?

Well it’s in editing.

Something something where is Akashic!?

Well it’s in editing.


Also, I felt like Mishima Kurone had a lull with continued explosions illustrations (where everything and everyone looked the same), but I’m glad it seems to be fixed. I really like the cover of the BD edition, which I will be getting after seeing this!

Blu-ray Edition CoverDCWbUvzUQAAe2Rf


Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! – Short Story: Crusader of the Sleeping Forest

Brief announcements before starting:
Dust from KonoSuba/Gifting will be getting his own spinoff! The (tentative) translated title is: A spotlight for (even) this fool! Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! Extra. Is this excellent supporting character really wonderful?
Natsume & Kurone will not be the one’s writing and illustrating this story, instead, it will be written by HiruKuma and Illustrated by Yuuki Magure.

Synopsis: “No money, no women!” The (self-proclaimed) carry of Axel, the delinquent Dust, is suffering from a chronic case of empty-wallet. Whilst the newbie adventurer Kazuma continues to steadily make a name for himself –, Dust is busy setting people up in scams, selling stolen products, ripping off noble ladies, and the like. ‘Let’s make some money today too!’ Whilst he was doing so, he was told an ominous prophecy by the great devil Vanir: “Thou hast a interesting future ahead.”

– Both releases, Gifting and Akashic, are in the editing phase (still).

Anyways, enjoy!

Translator: yuNS
Editor: Keel the Swift, Deus-ex-Machina

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Continued, Gifting this Wonderful Worlds with Explosions! Chapter 5

Uranophane will be translating most of Gifting from hereon out, but not much to say otherwise.

I guess we have a cool new banner for Akashic…

Intermediates (JP->CN): lolihunter2 yukira 叶子 サダメ
Translator: Uranophane
Editors: shizubro, Ruzenor, Deus ex-Machina, Keel the Swift

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RokuAka Episode 10~!

Rip Volume 5 is being “adapted” so to speak. I guess I’m a bit of a LN supremacist, but everything is a bit rushed, as in, whole volumes are being adapted in 2-3 episodes, and a lot of events are changed/missing. They most definitely wanted to get to this arc, as we saw the flashback in the 1st episode for no real reason.

Anyway, for comparison, KonoSuba had 5 episodes per volume, and even then many events were removed from each volume (meeting Wiz, Kazuma’s adventure with Dust’s group, Kazuma’s excursion with Yunyun to name a few), so even without reading it’s not too hard to get an idea of how much they seem to have left out.

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Mildly salty rant aside, the animation quality looks a bit better for this final arc.

Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! Volume 11, Prologue

Release of Volume 11!

For those making pdfs and epubs, when you see the illustrations directly on this page they are compressed, so if you want full-size versions copy the image address and remove the w=?number at the end of the link.

After Kazuma and Co. completed the bodyguard mission, they were visited by Megumin’s younger sister, Komekko. The younger sister’s shows of respect have placed Kazuma, Aqua, and even Darkness in a good mood. To show her their heroics, the three have decided to go to on a quest for once(?)

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Continued, Gifting this Wonderful World with Explosions! – Chapter 4

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. While I’ve been working on TLing on and off, Uranophane has took it upon himself to translate Continued, Explosions! According to him, the translation was done roughly and hastily, but I believe it’s quality is more than passable. He’s available on discord under Uranophane#7912 if you’d like to contact him.

Actually, Uranophane has actually completed the translation of the entire volume, and the posts will be updated as the editing comes along.

As for me, I’m finally back home after a brief disconnection from the world with my laptop charger breaking overseas. Here’s a page from the limited edition artbook that I’ve finally been able to open.  On another note, the Drama CDs have been taken down (again) and I’ll be working on some alternative, likely streamable and MEGA.

Finally, enjoy the read, and remember to thank Uranophane (and not me) for his work!

Trivia: It’s been 6 months since the last Continued, Explosions Chapter.

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