Re:Zero Volume 9 Spoilers/Cliffhangers

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<TL Note: For most of the quotes, descriptions between dialogue are cut out>

After the anime scene:

Emilia and Subaru continue to have to their conversation, then we get to this:

“Uhm, I told Emilia that I love you, and Rem told me that she loves me, so-!”




    Who is Rem?”

The scene is more shocking in book form since it has an entire page to its own, and the text on the page before that is perfectly spaced to lead into the next page.

        Who is Rem?”

The line immediately leads to the next chapter “Fragment: Natsuki Rem”. The translation for the web novel version can be found under “IF: Natuski Rem”. The really messed up part is that in this timeline, Rem grows into Emilia’s hairstyle.


Interlude 1: “Time to dig in” (Itadakimasu)

Here comes the roller coaster. After subjugating the White Whale, Crusch and Rem split apart from Subaru and Julius’ group. The two of them have a nice little conversation about Subaru, and one of the punchlines is:

          The Hero, Natsuki Subaru.

However, immediately after this, the group is attacked by an unknown force. The group is rapidly killed/knocked out, the carriages get destroyed, and finally, Crusch attacks the man with her sword with her “Blessing of the Wind” (invisible strike).

The sword strike had cut through the thick skin of the white whale, and fell its enormous body at a large sacrifice        compared to those of manabeasts, there was no way that the man’s body could resist this strike.


“…You slash a person as they’re in the midst of a pleasant conversation, just what kind of education have you recieved?”

The man tilted his head, and the brushed off the sword strike that connected with his body.

Later on, Crusch’s right arm is blown-off as she tries to fight back.

The two assailants introduce themselves:

“The Archbishop of Sin, representing “Greed”, Regulus Corneas”

“The Archbishop of Sin, representing “Gluttony”, Rai Batengaitos”


Then Rem, in her last moments of consciousness:

“When he finds out that I have been lost, I wish that his heart will waver.”

The actual metaphor here, is “I wish that his heart will ripple” (like water).

Chapter 6: “To each, an oath.”

Subaru and Ferris return, and reunite with Rem and Crusch, and discover that Crusch has lost her memories, and that everyone has lost their memories of Rem.09_0311.jpg

While Crusch is still conscious, Rem is in a coma.

Subaru and Wilhelm have a conversation. Wilhelm thanks Subaru once again, and it is revealed that a wound had been inflicted on Wilhelm’s left arm when it reopens. However, Wilhelm tells Subaru that it is an old wound, inflicted by his wife who had the ‘Blessing of the Death God’, which deepens one’s wounds when they are around the person who inflicted it, and reopens old wounds.

Then, between parts 3 and 4, Subaru commits suicide by stabbing himself in the throat with a dagger, however, he ‘returns by death’ only to find himself at Rem’s bedside, confirming that his save-point had been updated. As Subaru contemplates, Emilia enters the room looking for Subaru. They talk about Rem, and Emilia believes what Subaru says. When Subaru states that Rem is Ram’s little sister, a brief comic relief of ‘Besides the chest size, everything else is fairly the same from Ram.’ ensues (though isn’t dialogue).

“Emilia, could you listen to one request?”

“What is it?”

“Could you go behind?      I’m crying a bit.”

“Mm, I understand.”



      I will absolutely bring you back. Rem, I absolutely will.”

      I will absolutely do it… I will absolutely be your hero. When you come back       I will be waiting.”

For the one who declared it, this was a declaration of war against destiny.

“I will        I absolutely will!!”


That wraps it up for Volume 9 of Re:Zero; Now also entering volume 10, alongside KonoSuba… Here’s volume 10’s cover anyway, now, I wonder who that could be…

Here’s a cute(?) version by the illustrator as well:

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  1. I already know who the person in volume 10 is 🙂 Although it would be spoiler alerted by yuNS so ill keep it to myself, just google online and you can still find your answer…

  2. I would really like to know how the scene between Crusch and Ferris went in more detail. That pic breaks my heart 🙁

  3. The bit where Subaru tells Emilia about Rem either happens offscreen in the WN or translationchicken has done like lemonwater and skipped chunks of text, but without even leaving a placeholder…

  4. That vol. 10 is def. Satella…. I think? Well, also how the fuck will Subaru save Rem? Also-


    Sorry, I had to~

    Thanks for the spoiler~

  5. The scariest part is that it will probably take years before another season for the anime is lit…
    Thank you so much for the spoilers…
    Now, off to showing this to my friends and have them mindfucked.

        1. Rem’s long hair occurs in an alternate timeline where Subaru gives up on saving Emilia and runs away with Rem. However, you can see that Rem’s long hair is reminiscent (if not exactly the same) as Emilia’s hair. The metaphor here is that regardless of Subaru’s decision in that timeline, and despite Subaru’s sincerity, Rem is just a replacement for Emilia.

          1. Even though Subaru and Rem have 2 kids, and Rem knows that Subaru wouldn’t leave her, she still have that fear that someday he would return to Emilia/the mansion and leave her, if i remember well, i think she doesn’t know that Emilia and her sis are long dead…

            Thats why she do all the possible things to anchor Subaru, do his favotire food everyday, more children ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…even leave her hair like Emilia when Subaru just suggested to leave her hair grow.

            This just remind me about the EX chapter where he abuse “Return from death” to accomplish the perfect outcome of every situation but at cost of all his relationships…

          2. I prefer happy endings… so I’ll bet on the fact that the world haven’t been covered in frozen land… which meant Puck haven’t took action because Emilia is still alive due to some other factor thanks to the lack of Subaru’s involvement.

            Conclusion: Subaru’s disappearance from the stage actually fixed everything.

          3. when i read the alternative timeline arc rem said that she grew her hair so that when Subaru thinks of a long haired person he will think of rem first

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