Sponsor a Series!

If you’d like to support a series, please donate to re.yun.NS@gmail.com via paypal.

The following link is new, but I think it works too:

If you’re concerned about me revealing my identity in the link, do rest assured that it’s an alias that I figured would be in line with the information presented in the “About Me” section of the website!

Your money will be distributed as follows:

For KonoSuba: (% of donation/sponsors)

– 80% goes to purchasing raw series material (LNs/BDs primarily).
– 10% goes to buy a thank you gift to the raw provider (in Japan) who lines up to buy the first-print editions if necessary for the extra short stories, and transportation reimbursements.
– 10% goes to tools for cleaning (such as photoshop licenses etc.).

For Akashic Records:
– 80% goes to purchasing raw series material.
– 20% goes to other non-profit shenanigans related to RokuAka.

Other tasks for Support a Series!



In Progress:
1. Darkness – Color for A.Miller
2. Aqua – Rough for B. Svensson

Akashic Records (Current: $30)



To settle possible concerns about this:
– I will never force anyone to pay for our releases. The distribution of fan-translations already enters a gray area, and policies like the Translation Common Agreement that Baka-Tsuki has are the saving graces of the community. Massive Light Novel conglomerates like Kadokawa are well-aware of their existence, yet allows them to continue under the condition that they don’t overstep their boundaries.
– None of the sponsor/support money will be used for personal reasons. To put it simply, I don’t have a reason to from a personal finance perspective. A metaphor I would use is ‘too big to fail’, but in any case, I don’t want to add any financial burden on my family for personal reasons. The system will allow me to purchase raws (which I would have purchased and read anyway) at no cost to myself. It’s a win-win situation and it’s unnecessary to sow any distrust. For transparency, I’ll add any funds/expenditures related to each series on the support page and anyone can email me about details.

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