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If you’d like to support a series, please donate to re.yun.NS@gmail.com via paypal.

The following link is new, but I think it works too:

If you’re concerned about me revealing my identity in the link, do rest assured that it’s an alias that I figured would be in line with the information presented in the “About Me” section of the website!

Your money will be distributed as follows:

For KonoSuba: (% of donation/sponsors)

– 80% goes to purchasing raw series material (LNs/BDs primarily).
– 10% goes to buy a thank you gift to the raw provider (in Japan) who lines up to buy the first-print editions if necessary for the extra short stories, and transportation reimbursements.
– 10% goes to tools for cleaning (such as photoshop licenses etc.).

For Akashic Records:
– 80% goes to purchasing raw series material.
– 20% goes to other non-profit shenanigans related to RokuAka.

Other tasks for Support a Series!



In Progress:
1. Darkness – Color for A.Miller
2. Aqua – Rough for B. Svensson

Akashic Records (Current: $30)



To settle possible concerns about this:
– I will never force anyone to pay for our releases. The distribution of fan-translations already enters a gray area, and policies like the Translation Common Agreement that Baka-Tsuki has are the saving graces of the community. Massive Light Novel conglomerates like Kadokawa are well-aware of their existence, yet allows them to continue under the condition that they don’t overstep their boundaries.
– None of the sponsor/support money will be used for personal reasons. To put it simply, I don’t have a reason to from a personal finance perspective. A metaphor I would use is ‘too big to fail’, but in any case, I don’t want to add any financial burden on my family for personal reasons. The system will allow me to purchase raws (which I would have purchased and read anyway) at no cost to myself. It’s a win-win situation and it’s unnecessary to sow any distrust. For transparency, I’ll add any funds/expenditures related to each series on the support page and anyone can email me about details.

4 thoughts on “Sponsor a Series!

  1. “yet allows them to continue under the condition that they don’t overstep their boundaries.”

    What do you mean by this?, can you give an example

    Also. Thank you for all of you hardwork, since I’m just a student, I always keep in mind the gratitude for this community.

    1. Oh, I’m surprised that anyone has been able to access this page, but this is discontinued! And also, by that, I meant that they will turn a blind eye as long as they, for example, don’t implement features like pay per view or try to print and distribute physical volumes of translations illegally (which has been attempted before)

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